3 Things to Consider Before Building a Custom Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellar Design and TastingFor many people, building a wine cellar is one of the ultimate goals for their home. Whether you live here in New Jersey, or elsewhere in the world, a wine cellar signifies the fact that you’ve made it in life. If you have enough bottles of wine sitting around that you’re able to dedicate a whole room in your house to it, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Building a wine cellar, while fun, is not all fun and games. There are many things that need to be considered when building your wine cellar, and not considering these things will put the quality and freshness of your wine in serious jeopardy in some cases. Before you get started building your very own wine cellar, we’ve compiled a short list of some things you should consider.

Tip #1

Bigger is Better
The biggest problem people tend to make when it comes to building their wine cellar, is that they don’t build it big enough. While a completely full wine cellar doesn’t sound like a terrible thing to have, it can quickly become troublesome if you have new bottles that you can’t put anywhere. Adding new bottles to the wine cellar means you have to first throw away or drink (gasp!) the wine first.

Most remodeling contractors who specialize in building wine cellars recommend that you build your wine cellar to hold two or three times the amount of wine you currently have now. Once you have a wine cellar of your very own, you’ll find it very difficult not to go out and buy every single bottle of wine you see that tickles your fancy.

Tip #2

You Should be Able to Control the Temperature of the Cellar
This should go without saying, but you should always be able to control the temperature of the wine cellar. It is very rare that your house will naturally be the temperature that is suitable to store wine, and storing wine at an incorrect temperature can cause it to spoil. You didn’t buy all those expensive bottles of wine just to let them go bad, so make sure you take the proper precautions to keep the wine from getting too hot or too cold in your wine cellar.

Tip #3

Use Storage Racks That Suit the Type of Wine You Have
All wines are stored differently, with some being stored best at certain angles. While there are too many different types of wines and storage methods out there to list right here, you’re probably familiar with them already. Make sure that when it comes time to pick out storage racks, that you choose only ones that will be suitable for the type of wine you want to store in there. There’s nothing worse than getting your custom racks back and realizing it’s really only suitable for holding about half of your wine collection.

Enjoy Your Custom Wine Room

The most important thing about building a wine cellar though, is that you have fun doing it and it helps to increase your appreciation of a great wine. Bottoms up!

Wine rooms and wine cellars must be getting more popular, because the Design Build Planners receive many requests each month for custom wine tasting rooms and storage rooms.  Here are a few New Jersey wine room designs that Jason Parsons of Design Build Planners has created recently.

Custom Wine Room Design for Entertaining

Custom Wine Cellar Design in NJ

Custom Wine Cellar Design in New Jersey

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