Creating the Ultimate Backyard for Summer

Creating the Ultimate Backyard for Summer

Creating the Ultimate Back Yard (1)Summer is all about spending time outside and taking advantage of the warm weather. For most homeowners, the backyard is a relaxing haven and an extension of the home during the summer months. One contractor leads generation company has been told by clients that outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens in particular, are increasing in popularity. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your backyard this summer.

Designate an Entertainment Space

Creating the Ultimate Back Yard (2)One of the most important parts of your summer backyard is a personalized entertainment area. Hosting family get-togethers, barbeques, and parties is so much easier if you have an outdoor space for everyone to eat, drink, and hang out. One great idea is a pergola or installing an awning for your guests to sit under when the weather is particularly hot. Otherwise, clear off your back deck or patio and make space for a large outdoor table and comfortable seating. Take your entertainment space to the next level with a pizza oven, handmade farmhouse dining table and benches, or even a handmade drinks cart or bar—your guests will thank you!

Light up the Barbeque

A barbeque is essential for homeowners who like to entertain guests during the summer, so don’t forget to set up space for the all-important grilling area. Keep your barbeque close enough to the entertainment space that your grillmaster won’t feel left out from the party, but remember that safety comes first. Remember to clean your barbeque regularly and stock up on gas or charcoal so you don’t run out when you’re trying to cook.

Create a fire pit

Creating the Ultimate Back Yard (3)Nothing says summer like a warm evening spent in front of the fire. Before you build your own bespoke fire pit, first check that you’re allowed to have fires in your own backyard (as some areas have ordinances prohibiting outdoor fires). If your backyard has enough room, create a fire pit from stone or bricks and make sure the area is in a safe place clear of brush and trees. If you can’t or don’t want to build your own, home improvement stores sell a wide variety of chimeneas and standalone fire pits that work just as well as the handmade kind. Finally, stock up on kindling, wood, and s’mores ingredients before you host an at-home bonfire.


Backyard parties aren’t complete without traditional outdoor games, so stock up on and store all your gaming equipment at the beginning of the summer. Make sure to include family favorites like cornhole, soccer, badminton, and ladderball so everyone can join in the fun. If you’re thinking about hosting an afternoon tea party or other fancy event, croquet and bocce ball are creative alternatives that will put your guests in a competitive mood.

Keep the Kids Cool

When the weather is particularly hot, sometimes the only thing you want to do is cool off in the water. If your backyard already has a pool, make sure to clean and prep the water and pool area at the beginning of summer. Smaller backyards will benefit from a slip ‘n slide, inflatable pool, sprinkler system, or water balloons. If all else fails, a spray with the hose will do the job and keep kids entertained for hours!

Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Creating the Ultimate Back Yard (4)Once you’ve made space for all your outdoor furniture, toys, and equipment, the last thing to do is decorate your outdoor space. Solar powered lighting is perfect for summertime parties, so choose from strands of fairy lights, wall sconces, or traditional pathway lamps to keep your party going late into the night. An outdoor sound system will take your parties up a notch —if you have a few extra dollars in your budget, they even make solar powered speakers so you don’t have to worry about running power cords through the yard. Finally, choose weather-proof seat covers and cushions to keep your seating area looking its very best throughout the season.

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