Creating a Koi Fish Pond

Outdoor living spaces are great! Typically, one might think of outdoor kitchens, decks, and fireplaces/fire pits. One outside the box idea that could be a great addition would be adding a koi fish pond! While the idea seems simple in nature, the design for a successful koi fish pond is critical to it being a thriving, exciting part of your backyard.

First, koi ponds must be at least 3 feet deep, have 25 square feet of pond space for koi, and a minimum of 1,000 gallons of water. Further, it is essential to provide some shade for the fish! They cannot withstand constant and direct sunlight, so at least 50% of the pond should be covered with shade for the fish to thrive. Thus, it is a wise idea to add many water plants. These plants can provide balance and a more natural home/ecosystem for the fish. The water plants also release oxygen into the water for the fish to breathe, provide needed shade, and serve as a food source.

Other factors of a koi pond are in fact quite similar to that of a pool! A good filtration system is essential to a healthy, functioning ecosystem. Further, waterfalls and fountains are quality ways to add an aesthetic element to the equation. Lastly, water quality must be constantly monitored for proper functioning.











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