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Architecture: Craftsman Style Home


Craftsman Style Home - Design Build PlannersThis design comes from a European design. A design that was popular at the beginning of the 19th century. The design comes from a development that was going on in the 1860’s. It also has its roots in India.

Craftsman style homes were built throughout America through the early 1900’s. They went out of popularity around the 1930’s. In the late 20thcentury, they gained popularity again. They built replicas of the older homes and restored the Craftsman style homes that were already built. These homes remain popular today for the working class.

The homes have a unique style. Architecture students can quickly spot a craftsman style home out of other designs. It has been said that the home is a work of art from earlier times.


The Craftsman style home is usually a one story home. Typically this style of house will have an open floor plan. These houses were built to be a simple dwelling.

The homes are equipped with large eaves. The eaves hang off the roof a few inches. The overhang allows the water to run off the home without puddling around the foundation. It also gives the home a little more shade making blocking out more direct sunlight than the modern homes. Blocking sunlight will allow you to cool the home better during the hot seasons.

These homes are more compact than the modern homes. Being compact doesn’t allow very much room for the family to gather. This is one reason the homes are equipped with a large porch. The large porch allows space that the family can gather.

The windows in this type of home are usually multi-paned windows. The multi-paned windows allow natural sunlight in the home while the eaves keep much of the heat down.

Like many compact houses, the architects were looking for a way to maximize space. They placed built-in cabinets inside the homes. This will give you more room. The cabinets do not take up unnecessary floor space like they do in many of the modern homes.

Craftsman Style Homes Of Today

The builders of modern homes have merged a little toward adding traditional touches to the older design. This allows the design to stay popular for much longer. They are still easy to spot since some of the main features haven’t been changed.

The newer features of these homes have made them more popular for the upper-class communities. The homes have also become more expensive than the older homes were. These homes can now be customized nearly however you want it.

Unlike the first Craftsman Style Homes the modern homes of this style being built as two-story homes. These homes are equipped with attic vents since they are two-story homes. The attic vents are decorated. They can be decorated many ways.

These homes are still built with the natural material. The woodwork has a natural finish. The windows are much larger but are still multi-paned windows like the original Craftsman style homes. These homes are still popular throughout America.


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