Cover Your Walls with Dry Erase Wall Paint

Cover Your Walls with Dry Erase Wall Paint

white board with markerFor all of the parents out there, there is a certain concern that leaps into your mind whenever you leave your little ones alone to play with crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. Especially if you are raising a creatively inclined child, you are probably at risk for your children turning your walls into a gallery of scribbles, scrabbles, and wall markings. Now, there is a way to allow your kids to use their walls as a canvas sheet without ruining your walls. Consider covering your walls with dry erase paint. This paint would be a great option for more than just the rooms of your home.

What is Dry Erase Paint?

Dry Erase Wall Paint - Design Build Planners (2)Dry erase paint is one of the easiest do-it-yourself wall painting options and it is also a creative tool in home organization for your kids. The specialty paint is a great alternative to the possibility to dealing with replacing wallpaper, repainting walls, or stopping your kids from drawing all over the walls. By applying the paint to your walls, you are able to create a smooth surface that can be written on and easily erased. The paint can be used on the majority of interior wall surfaces like wood, cement, metal, drywall, and Masonite. It can also be applied over any type of wall painting or wallpaper without changing the wall’s current color or wallpaper design.

How It Works?

Dry erase paint is a clear coated formula that is easily painted on top of your current wall paint or wallpaper. The specialty paint does not involve you changing the entire color of the wall. It also does not require that you search for a specific color of dry erase paint to closely fit your current wall color. An easier way to imagine how the paint will look on your wall is to imagine a clear glass in front of your current wall color.

Suitable Walls to Cover

Parents are typically the first to gather in line to purchase dry erase paint so that their little ones are able to be creative on the walls without being punished for doing so. However, there are other spaces that are suitable for dry erase paint. For example, walls in a business office are great candidates for the paint. Instead of using messy chalk and chalkboards or using paper to give to employees, you can use the wall to write messages. This type of wall paint can also be beneficial in schools instead of installing dry erase boards or chalkboards to present classroom notes. Using the paint in all walls of your home is a fun and creative method of leaving reminders and other notes for your loved ones.

Dry erase paint is one of the most fun and convenient wall painting options that is also a great home organization project to complete. Using this specialty paint is a great way to add creativity to your method of leaving reminders, taking notes, or just contributing to the world of art.

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