COREtec Flooring

COREtec Flooring

CoreTec Plus flooring ~ Design Build Planners (1)COREtec Plus 5” planks are a waterproof, inert, dimensionally stable LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile construction. The patent pending design uses an extrusion process to combine recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and ‘virgin’ PVC. The non-recycled Poly Vinyl Chloride is the binding agent, the limestone provides stability in the end product, and the wood and bamboo provide additional resilience to the final product. The edges are beveled to form an interlocking surface, and the bottom surface is cork for insulation of both sound and temperature.

This product has been designed for ease of self-installation. This product is a convenient variation upon LVT technologies in general. COREtec Plus is produced by USFloors. USFloors produces the 5” version, a 7” plank, a tile that resembles stone, and the COREtech Plus 9”, and a COREtech Plus 1 with a thinner profile than the others. Each variant is available in a variety of color schemes.

Each tile or plank has four layers. The top layer is a thin protective layer that is 20 mil, or 0.5 mm thick that protects against wear, is very cleanable, resistant to stain, and is rated for commercial traffic. The second layer provides the luxury appeal of the end product; it is made from vinyl, and is durable and resilient, and resistant to chips and dents. The third layer is the Core Structure; this is the extrusion product mentioned above made from a slurry of PVC, pulverized limestone, the powders of recycled wood and bamboo. It is waterproof, stable, glue-less, and prevents subfloor telegraphing (the transmission of subfloor defects to the surface layers. The fourth layer is a Cork underlay that provides insulation from sound, obviates the need for an underlay, resists mold and mildew, and provide further protection from subfloor imperfections.

The COREtec 1 has dimension 6” x 48”, and is available in Alice Springs Acacia, Crown Mill Oak, Peruvian Walnut, Doral Walnut, Adelaide Walnut, Alpine Ashe, Plymouth Oak, Augustine Oak.

The COREtec Plus 5” plank comes in the following variants with dimension 5” x 48”: Gold Coast Acacia, Deep Smoked Oak, Northwood Oak, Boardwalk Oak, Rocky Mountain Oak, Carolina Pine, Black Walnut, Clear Lake Oak, Norwegian Maple, Corvallis Pine, Dakota Walnut, and Red River Hickory.

The 7” plank has the following wood themes available, with dimension 7.125” x 48”: St. Andrew’s Oak, Kingswood Oak, Nantucket Oak, Georgetown Oak, Margate Oak, Waterfront Oak, Saginaw Oak, Ivory Coast Oak, Alabaster Oak, Blackstone Oak, Hudson Valley Oak, and Olympic Pine.

The COREtec Plus XL, 9” plank has dimension 9” x 72”, and evokes the tree stained patterns of Gotham Oak, Atlas Oak, Mt. Pleasant Pine, Whittier Oak, Metropolis Oak, Atlas Oak, Mission Oak, Venice Oak, Montrose Oak, Waldon Ashe, Harbor Oak, Catalina Oak, Muir oak, Alexandria Oak, and Highlands Oak.

The tile version exhibits stone patterns such as Petrified Forest, Antique Marble, Weathered Concrete in a large tile version, of 18.5” x 24” dimensions. The smaller tiles have dimension 12” x 24”, and come in Amalfi Beige, Amalfi Grey, Empire Slate, Ankara Travertine, Noce Travertine, River Slate, Rustic Slate, and Aged Copper.

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