Copper Roof, Trim, and Gutters

copper roofing - Design Build Planners (1) Copper Roof, Trim, and Gutters

A copper roof can guarantee decades of a classic elegance that never goes out of style. It is also durable and is renowned for its rugged longevity, which undoubtedly arises out of an uncompromising stress on quality. Today’s generation recognizes that a copper roof can instantly enhance the appeal and value of a home. A copper roof is definitely an investment that is worthwhile. Here are some of the advantages of a copper roof:

  • If you live in an area that has extreme weather; rains, storms, winds, or sunshine, then a copper roof is a must-have for your home. Best of all, it is not flammable, which is a useful feature wherever you live, but is especially needed if you live near a forest where forest fires are probable. In cases of heavy rains or flooding, copper roofs protect your home from water getting inside as it has an additional layer that makes it almost waterproof.
  • copper roofing - Design Build Planners (2)It is maintenance free and retains its appeal and good looks even after years of being beaten by adverse weather elements. It does not require any re-finishing or re-painting. There is no rusting or corroding with a copper roof.
  • It looks more and more elegant as it ages. This ensures that your home transcends all the changing trends and styles.
  • Copper roofs have been known to last for centuries. Since there is no need to frequently upgrade roofs, even if you have to put your home up for sale, you can be assured the resale value will be high.
  • A copper roof will add less structural weight to your home because it is so lightweight. If you live in areas where there is bound to be heavy snowfall, which can lead to greater weight on your roof, increasing the danger of a collapse, then a copper roof is perfect for your home as any extra weight will not make much of a difference.

cooper roffing and flasing - Design Build Planners (2)If an entire roof in copper is not affordable, a copper trim is a viable option that will still look great on your roof. You can add a copper trim to an existing copper roof to make it look even more distinguished.

Choosing copper gutters over other materials is also a prudent investment, as copper is resistant to corrosion from water or air. Copper gutters are also seamless, which prevents water from seeping in. Installing a copper gutter also means that you don’t have to hide or paint your gutters anymore as copper has an appeal and elegance of its own.

cooper roffing and flasing - Design Build Planners (1)You can also include copper flashing in your home can prevent moss growth in those areas where water is likely to run, such as chimneys or skylights. This is because copper flashing has copper sulphate, which helps prevent moss growth as it is a herbicide that is natural. Installing copper flashing can radically reduce and prevent growth of moss. Moss growth on roofs can lead to damaged shingles and leaks.

Copper is a versatile metal that is a welcome addition to any home.


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