Coolest Bathroom Design Trends of 2016

Coolest Bathroom Design Trends (1)Choosing to renovate your home’s bathroom is not a small undertaking. These improvements take a fair amount of time to complete, too, but the payoff is usually well worth it in the form of increased property value and your own improved satisfaction with your home. In order to ensure that you are making a sound investment, it is wise to devote some time to researching what options give you best bang for your buck. We at Modernize know that these four cool trends will surely keep your bathroom impressive for years to come.

Water Efficient Fixtures

Coolest Bathroom Design Trends (2)As society has begun to accept the impact we collectively have on climate change, people have become increasingly more environmentally conscious in their purchases, especially for bathrooms. From low flow toilets to aerated faucets, water efficient fixtures are incredibly trendy right now. Even if you don’t live in an area of the country that experiences record-breaking droughts, water efficient fixtures are a great investment. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says that you can expect to save an average of 700 gallons of water a year when you replace old faucets with WaterSense designated faucets!

Wood Flooring and Accents

Thanks to technological advances making it far more water resistant, wood has become a popular material to incorporate in bathrooms. Duckboard flooring is especially appealing due to both its overall aesthetic, as well as its comfort underfoot. Don’t think that wood is restricted to only the floors, though! If you are willing to design a little outside the box, consider incorporating wood planks across a wall or even including a wooden sink.

White with a Splash of Color

Coolest Bathroom Design Trends (3)Whether it’s tiles or fixtures, white continues to be a must-have color for bathrooms. However, this doesn’t mean that bathrooms need to be boringly monochromatic. Vibrant splashes of pinks and purples are very en vogue in 2016. Depending on the level of drama and commitment to a particular color you are looking for, you can include this trend in a number of ways, ranging from towels to paint color to accent tiles.

Heated Floors

No one likes the feel of cold tile under their feet in the middle of winter, and that’s why heated bathroom floors are such a trend. Plus, heated flooring gives you the added bonus of reducing mold growth by helping to dry out residual humidity and moisture that accumulates from hot showers and baths.

Whether you choose to apply these trends to your renovation or go in another direction all together, you are certain to end up with a bathroom that will bring you joy for many years to come when you keep your specific needs and aesthetic in mind.


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