Cooking Tips for Your New Kitchen

bill & kim party-50You’ve just designed, remodeled, and created the kitchen of your dreams. What comes next? The best part! Actually getting to use your new kitchen. Here are some helpful tips for making the most out of your new kitchen on a daily basis. Let’s get cooking!

1. Get organized! Make the most out of your new space by organizing your tools, utensils, pots, pans and cutlery in the most space-efficient way possible. The more room you have to chop, rinse and cook, the more comfortable you will be in your new space.  Keep things that you only use in a blue moon up high on shelves that are out of your way, or in low drawers that you won’t be using for every-day items. Keep the things that you know you’ll be using all the time close at hand, in designated spots, so that they’re right where you can find them if you need them in a pinch.

Cooking Tips for Your Kitchen (9)2. Make it yours! This is your kitchen, no one else’s; own your territory! Decorate with cooking-themed items like hanging spoons and mugs, or signs with sayings that you like to keep in mind while cooking. Loving your space will make your food taste that much better.

3. Clean as you go.  Is your new kitchen bigger than your last? Good, enjoy it! Don’t be intimidated by the size of your kitchen during clean up, if you stay on top of things while cooking, clean up will be a breeze. Keep a bowl for garbage on the counter. Keep a rag handy to wipe down the counters as you go. Start with an empty dishwasher so you can pile used items in as you go. Love your new kitchen and treat it like you love it!

Cooking Tips for Your Kitchen (1)4. Make a bucket list. What are some great recipes you’ve always wanted to try? With a new kitchen, here is your chance! Make a “bucket list” to tack on your fridge of all the recipes you’d like to try, and take pride in checking each one off as you go. Try a mix of both easy and challenging dishes so you have something available for every night no matter your energy level. This will take away the pressure of deciding on something for dinner, give you the satisfaction of accomplishing something you’ve been wanting to do and allow you to make notes on different recipes for any modifications you find you want to do in the future. This can include great baking recipes as well!

Enjoy your new kitchen and get cooking! Below are some additional food and kitchen photos.

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Cooking Tips for Your Kitchen (8)   Cooking Tips for Your Kitchen (11)   Cooking Tips for Your Kitchen (12)

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