Contemporary Kitchen Renovation at the New Jersey Shore

The homeowners wanted the kitchen with butler’s pantry remodeled before they moved into their newly purchased home in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. The existing cabinetry and finishes did not suit their styles and taste. The main appliances and same footprint were to remain. The changes included the cabinetry and island, countertops, flooring, and lighting. Of high importance to the client was removing the center soffit, reconfiguring the island and countertop peninsula, plus adding soffit cabinets with glass doors to accentuate the ten foot high ceiling.

before kitchen remodel (1)




The challenges were producing the kitchen during overall construction and additions to other parts of the home and trying to meet certain deadlines with the homeowners anxious to move in. The large home and ample kitchen space allowed for constant multi-tasking with various tradespeople working in concert.

The end result is a spacious kitchen with clean lines and up to date features for this contemporary home. The 1980’s styled kitchen is now, just a brief memory to the new homeowners, but the old cabinetry lives on as it was reclaimed and utilized by others. Perhaps Crockett and Tubbs needed their old kitchen back!

The project design and development was by the Design Build Planners. The kitchen and the entire home was remodeled by Mark of Excellence Remodeling.

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