Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

comfortable living room interiorHow you decorate speaks volumes about your personality. For those bold individuals who show their personality to the world, contemporary interior design may be a great way for them to celebrate the way that they live their life. Trendy, comfortable, bright and bold.

Due to their similarities, contemporary interior design can often be confused for modern interior design but can be distinguished by a few important characteristics. While both design theories champion the beauty of the line, contemporary designs do not adhere strictly to the simplicity of straight lines and geometric shapes. A contemporary room may be dominated by squares and rectangles, but all in order to draw your attention the flowing and curvy chairs surrounding your dining room table. Or perhaps the oblong and asymmetrical chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

rendering of a modern living room with open kitchenContemporary design also can be distinguished from modern design by its color choices. While modern interior design will generally strive to use different shades of the same color to accent the room, contemporary interior design will frequently make a statement with its bold colors, perhaps mixing yellows and reds, greens and oranges to accentuate a particular piece that defines the room. It is not uncommon in contemporary interior design to find a room of all whites and shades of white behind a bright yellow door, with a lime green sofa in the middle of the room and not pushed against a wall, hidden out of sight.

Despite the tendency of contemporary interior design to highlight a single aspect of a room, the theory champions comfort throughout the space. Do not expect to find the hard sofas, and unforgiving lines of modern design in a contemporary space. The Contemporary designer wants you to enter their room, be pleased aesthetically, and yet still feel comfortable, and invited to stay.

It is not surprising then that contemporary design will regularly make use of what is trendy and popular at a given time. While colors come and go, contemporary design will make use of them while they are β€œin”. This year designers may favor circles of squares, next year squares over rectangles, and in a few more years perhaps 3-D will be the sought after shape and contemporary design will smartly utilize them as they come.

This makes contemporary design a theory that is very adaptable, not adhering solely to a rigid set of rules that dictate what should be used and how a room should look. Contemporary Design has taken on many faces over the years, and will continue to take on more as time goes on.

3d Render of Hotel RoomSo, for those bold few, who wish to make a statement with their design philosophy, consider a Contemporary layout. Know that you will find your friends and family welcomed into a bright and comfortable room that highlights your personality and invites them to enjoy themselves. But most of all, know that your choice of contemporary interior design will make a statement about who you are and what you do.

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