Contemporary and Modern Style Homes

Architecture: Contemporary and Modern Style Homes


Some people tend to get these two homes confused. These are two different styles of homes. The modern style house became famous in the 1800’s while it wasn’t until the 1970’s before the contemporary style became popular. Modern Style Homes were designed by the Germans. The Contemporary Style Homes originated in France.

There are many differences between the two forms. The difference is easy to recognize once you know what to look for. Modern Style Homes have more natural color to them while Contemporary Style Homes have many different colors to them making them more extreme.

There are also similarities between the two styles and these similarities are what makes people get them confused. Both homes are simple but elegant homes. They have an open floor plan and are not cluttered like some of the other styles. Contemporary architecture came from modern architecture.


Modern Style Home - Design Build PlannersThe shape of a contemporary style home is irregular. They have an open floor plan. The windows are generally large. The large windows allow for natural light to enter the home. These homes can be one or two story homes depending on the needs of the homeowner. The materials used to build these homes are usually materials that can be easily accessed locally and some of them are made using materials that have been recycled. They have gone green when it comes to the plumbing, lighting, and cooling.

The modern style homes also have an open floor plan. The building materials are usually kept in their natural state. The lines in the frame of the home are generally straight and at an angle instead of curved. Most styles have a pitch of the roof. The roof on this style is flat. Like the contemporary style homes, these homes have large windows that allow natural sunlight inside the house. They also feature many sliding glass doors throughout the home. This home has an open floor plan, but the living area will usually be equipped with a fireplace. The homes will have a patio. Several different rooms will open onto the patio making it easier for the family to gather outside for outdoor activities.

Contemporary and Modern Style Homes of Our Time

These houses haven’t changed much throughout the years. They are still similar to the original forms. New ones are being built everyday throughout America while the older ones are being restored. These homes are usually found in upper-class communities. Many of the homes on the coastal of the United States are built using these styles. They are more expensive than traditional homes whether they are restored or newly built. The materials utilized in the construction of these homes is some of the best material that can be found. Many of the houses in the mountains are also made using these designs. Very rarely will you see a home inland that is either one of these styles unless it is near a lake or other body of water.


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