Common Remodeling Project Complaints

Almost without exception, each homeowner that Design Build Planners meets with has either had a bad, past remodeling experience or knows someone personally that has. The seven most common remodeling project complaints that DBP hears begin with:

  •“The project took way too long…”
  • “My house and yard were a mess…”
  • “Too many surprises, extra costs…”
  • “I couldn’t communicate with the workers…”
  • “They would not call me back…”
  • “No project schedule…”
  • “I had to manage the project myself…”

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you had an unpleasant remodeling experience? If so, please share with Design Build Planners. DBP will be chronicling such experiences to help other homeowners avoid and improve their home improvement result. CONTACT DBP

Adding to the problems, families often argue among themselves when remodeling projects turn bad. When the family is together, the contractor is not around, so therefore they turn on each other to express their displeasure and frustrations.

free e-book from Design Build PlannersSuch problems can often be avoided by utilizing a better pre-construction process. Design Build Planners unique design and development process addresses these issues and much more. Jason Parsons, Lead Designer for Design Build Planners, wrote an article about six things that a contractor and homeowner should discuss before a remodeling project begins. CLICK HERE to read Jason’s article. There is also a free E-Book available from Design Build Planners, “Improving the Remodeling Estimate.”

Family of five standing in front of home.  Children - 11 to 14 years.  Parents - 40s.Design Build Planners holds the contractors in the DBP Preferred Network to a much higher standard than is common in the remodeling industry. CLICK HERE to read the 10 differences that these remodelers provide. Even if you do not hire DBP or any of their preferred remodelers, we suggest that you hold your contractor to these higher standards to help improve your chance of achieving a pleasant, professional remodeling experience.

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