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The Colonial Style Home was influenced by European designs. The style began in the 1600’s in Europe. The settlers brought the design to the United States in the 1700’s. These homes were first built as two-story homes. They had a room on each floor. As years passed, they started being four-on-four. Four-on-four referred to a number of rooms in the house. These homes then featured four rooms on each floor instead of two rooms. When the design came to the United States, different features were added and taken away to withstand the climate in that area.


These Colonial style homes were simple dwellings to the Europeans that came to America. They were built of natural materials that could be found such as stones and wood. The materials were easy to access.

The homes door was located in the front of the house. The door would usually be placed in the middle of the home or to one side. The location depended on the builders.

The house also featured two windows on the first floor of the home. There was one window on each side of the door. There would usually be five windows on the second floor.

The Colonial style homes with four rooms on each floor are the homes you see being restored throughout America. These homes are usually observed in the Southern part of the United States.

The roof will have a small to medium pitch. This angle allows the rain water to drain off the home. It also makes room for the stairs that are usually placed inside the front door. These stairs lead to a hallway where you access the upstairs portion of the house.

Modern Colonial Style Homes

These homes are usually not built new in modern times. However, you will see many of the houses being restored. They are generally left as original as possible. The homes have more of a modern style inside than outside when they are restored.

The Colonial style homes feature a large living area. The modern homes of this style have had amenities added to the home. The amenities make living in modern times more comfortable.

When these homes were first built, many of the cooks were hired. Being that the cooks were employed the kitchen was usually not connected to the rest of the home. This wouldn’t meet the needs of a modern day family. Some people have restored these homes and connected the kitchen to the home with a hallway while others have added a small area for snacking until meals are prepared.

The basements in some of these homes are what we would call unfinished. In the earlier times, people didn’t have a use for a cellar. The basement is usually finished when the house is restored. These cellars can be used for many different things. Some people use the basement as another family room while others use it as a teenage hangout spot.

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