Coffered Ceiling Molding

Coffered Ceiling Molding (1)-Design Build PlannersCoffered Ceiling Molding

When it comes to architecture, many people focus on the outside. That’s a good thing, there are impressive buildings all around, but what about the interiors? That’s where many people will agree, things can become truly incredible. Think about the most incredible ceilings in the world, and you’ll find that design protocol can really come to life when art and ceiling arrangement meshes into something that is nothing short of breathtaking. Among all the options that you can pursue for your home, coffered ceiling molding may very well be among the best to give you an artistic flair.

Defining Coffered Ceilings

Coffered Ceiling Molding (2)-Design Build PlannersCeilings that require coffered ceiling molding can be simple in their Mondrian approach or they could be completely custom, layered, and designed with beams and panels that create a unique lighting, shadow, and overall aesthetic play that you will not get with just a flat, painted ceiling. This is often seen within studios, and other art buildings where a reduction of ambient sound, static, and more is needed.

Creating Depth With Molding Design

SONY DSCNo matter what kind of room you want to put coffered ceilings in, you’ll find that the molding can create an outstanding piece of artistic design flow. The design will not only provide impressive structure, but function as well. When layered, constructed, and created with intentional artistry, you will find that the ceiling can bring together a taste profile that is outside of the ordinary. This is going to create far more impressive relays than if you were to just paint the ceiling a solid color and call it a day. The layering of the ceiling will do well in creating depth, but it’s with the molding design that will accent the edges, corners, and create shadows that will become the profound visual language that ties everything together.

Design Options Abound

Coffered Ceiling Molding (4)-Design Build PlannersWhether you decide to do all of the work yourself, or hire an expert, you will find that the visual design flow can be whatever you’d like it to be. Whether you want molding, beams, and wood finishes or you want something more ornamental, glossy, or painted with a decor solution that ties together furniture, lighting, or more, you will find that by nature of coffered ceiling installation, you will increase the options over traditional ceilings. Even if you have limited lighting and electrical in the area you want to build this in, you will find that the expansive and controlled nature of this project offers versatility.

Whether you are retrofitting a home theater room, or you simply want to make sure that your home has a sense of artistic integrity, you’ll find the molding that comes with coffered ceiling design to be an accent that can make or break the visuals of any room. When in doubt, consult a professional, and see what they can design for you before embarking on this project.

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