Classical Interior Design

Classical Interior Design

Interior Design - Design Build PlannersWhen evaluating the best way to decorate your home, bedroom or office, very few interior design philosophies hold the attraction of Classical Interior Design. Basing itself in traditional design elements that first made their appearance centuries ago in ancient cultures, Classical Interior Design is steeped in symmetry, order and creating a focal point in the room that draws all attention directly to it.

Utilizing many natural design elements such as hardwood and stone that use the natural patterns and textures of the material to create their appeal, classical interior design evokes thoughts of national monuments, large buildings and fanfare.

Classically designed rooms utilize a focal point in order to create a presence in the room. These focal points can consist of built in fixtures in the room such as a fireplace or large bookshelf, or even a piece of furniture in the room. In a bedroom this might be the bed, or in a dining room a large table. The idea being that the focal point accentuates the purpose of the room. A fireplace obviously being an important part of any living area, designing the room around this focal point allows the designer to find materials that compliment the main design element of the space.

One of the main aspects of classical interior design is also symmetry and making sure that there is a balance within the room. If one were to draw an imaginary line down the middle of the room, a good classical interior design will present two mirror images, one side being identical to the other. The symmetry within a room promotes order and a natural balance to the way that the design flows.

Classical Interior Design often appeals to people with very structured lives. This is a design theory that does not bring surprises, or theoretical “curve balls”. Overall one can expect very similar themes from one classically designed room to the next as the overall philosophy does not frequently stray from a set of design principles, giving it a predictability. Without seeing the finished product or even a proposal, people can be relatively certain of what they will get with a classical interior design when they ask for it.

Ultimately, classical design appeals to a large segment of the population. The timeless influences that are on display with Classical Interior Design are proven to please often without question or wavering. Classical Interior Design has been utilized in many types of buildings, in many different parts of the world and is a tried and true philosophy. Praised for its order, symmetry, natural inspirations and balance, when deciding how to decorate your next space, consider Classical Interior Design as an option that will surely leave you satisfied.

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