Choices for Under Cabinet Lighting

Choices for Under Cabinet Lighting (1)-Design Build PlannersChoices for Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is not only functional but it can also finish off a room. In the past, people have used wall coverings and other color schemes to make a room stand out but with under cabinet lighting there is a lot more versatility.

Choices for Under Cabinet Lighting (2)-Design Build PlannersLED rope lights are great as they use a lot less energy than conventional lights, create less heat, and some can even be programed to change color at the touch of a button which makes them ideal for all occasions and tastes. LED rope lights bend around corners so they can be fitted in very little time to those cabinets that don’t conform to standard styles without the need for major rework.

Puck lights are fitted flush to the underside of cabinets making the ideal for lighting up kitchen surfaces without getting in the way. Because they are flush with the underside of the cabinets they can easily be cleaned and won’t impede on existing cupboard space. Further, LED lights can last for decades. LED puck lights are becoming extremely popular with those looking for extra lighting in their kitchen without compromising on style.

Choices for Under Cabinet Lighting (3)-Design Build PlannersTask Lighting is a term used to describe lighting that has been created for a specific purpose rather than to generally light up a whole room. Targeted lights such as desk lamps come under this category as they can be targeted on a specific area as and when needed. There are lots of factors to take into account when choosing task lighting, including the luminance level. The positioning of the lighting is also important as is whether or not you wish to be able to move the light beam to a nearby surface or have separate lights.

The type of lighting will also change the contrast which is more important than many people think. Getting professional help in finding out which type of lighting is best for your style can help avoid disappointment further down the line. The great thing about this lighting style is that it can be made to suit a whole range of needs. Think first about which areas need illuminating and which will benefit from which types of lighting.

Using different types of lighting in a room can leave you with many options as you can alternate the types of lighting by having the controlled by different switches. One great idea would be to use rope lights that have a range of colors that can be changed to suit a specific occasion or just for variation purposes. Task lights that can also be switched on only when needed. Having control over each of the lights gives you variation to have a relaxed or well-lit area. This can make the kitchen a room that can be great for a romantic meal under dim light or bright enough to create a gourmet meal.


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