Cement Fiber Siding for Your New Jersey Home

Green Hardi Plank composite siding for an exterior remodelFor many years the most popular choice in house siding has been either wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Wood really does look great, but it also requires a great deal of maintenance. On the other hand, vinyl requires a lot less effort in terms of maintenance, but it might not look as good. Aluminum is in the worst state as it has completely fallen out of fashion in the recent decades. Another rising option to consider is cement fiber siding. By combining the great looks of wood and the low effort that the vinyl requires, this can be the ideal home exterior for the modern Hardi Plank home. If you are interested in finding out more information about cement fiber siding and New Jersey remodeling, continue reading.

Green Hardi Plank composite siding for an exterior remodel(2)-Design Build PlannersThe first person to pioneer cement fiber siding was the composite siding manufacturer James Hardie. Ever since he first utilized this material, it has managed to grow and establish a great deal of popularity amongst the New Jersey remodeling companies. As its many incredible benefits become more and more known to the home owners, they are increasingly choosing this relatively new product over the traditional wood and vinyl options. Cement fiber siding is made from compressed concrete and wood fiber, thanks to which it possesses all of the strength and longevity of cement and the beautiful and eye appealing appearance of wood. This incredible home exterior can offer you the great attractiveness that wood has, while in the meantime excluding the rotting or insect problems that can also be connected with it. As a matter of fact, there are some cement fiber siding that you can buy with a baked-on factory finish that can last for up to and even more than 15 years. This means that you won’t have to use New Jersey remodeling services for more than a decade! The other great thing about this material is that it takes almost no effort to maintain it.

Cement Fiber Siding for Your New Jersey Home (1)-Design Build PlannersOne of the greatest benefits that cement fiber siding has is its superior durability, which is second to none when compared with the other types of materials. Since it has been engineered from concrete it has some of concrete’s characteristics such as sturdiness, resilience, and longevity above others. You will even be able to find some manufacturers that will offer you as much as 50 year warranty for the materials! As a matter of fact, cement fiber siding is actually capable of lasting the lifetime of your house, which can make it a fantastic value over the long term. Once you use composite siding from Hardi Plank, you might not even have to consider contacting New Jersey remodeling services ever again! If you are interested about finding out the exact specifications of the particular brands of cement fiber siding that you can find you can ask around local New Jersey remodeling businesses, or you can check out online about the prices. However, no matter which brand you look at, you will notice that all of them offer the same thing, long-lasting beauty for your home!

When you are deciding upon which contractor you are going to be using for you siding installation there are some things that you have to keep in mind. First of all, you have to look for one that is experienced and highly professional. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should look for one contractor that is fully licensed, insured expert for the best quality and workmanship. When you come across someone that you like, a good idea is to ask them for some references from their previous projects. You should also make sure that you contractor uses materials that come only from leading manufacturers so you can rest assured that you will enjoy superior quality and warranty.

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