Cedar Clothes Closet

Cedar Clothes Closet

cedar closetCedar closets are popular with people who have seen one of these closets in person or have experienced firsthand the aroma of cedar. Other reasons why people use cedar closets are because they solve the moth problem as moths don’t like the strong aroma of cedar wood and stay away. Moths are the worst enemy of clothes as they can cause holes in the fabric. There are also people who use the leftover scraps of sanded aromatic cedar inside the plastic storage bags when they store away clothes for the season. It keeps away moths and moisture and there is no need for using moth balls. Remember that all cedar is not as effective as the eastern red aromatic cedar for warding off moths and insects.

Another very important factor with a cedar clothes closet is that cedar wood is not affected by moisture. Thus, a cedar closet is a good idea if you have moisture issues or live in damp areas; specifically near the ocean. Cedar is used on the walls and also on the floor of the closet to prevent the damp from entering the closet or moisture getting into the closet through the floor. Cedar walls and cedar floors need to be laid out before the closets are installed. Cedar wood is available in larger panels and tongue and groove boards. Panels make it easy to cut and fit and boards give a custom finish so both have their advantages.

There are many homeowners who do without cedar wood closets as they can be an expensive prospect. However, you can still have the benefits of cedar without getting a hole in your pocket. Instead of cedar closets, you could have cedar walls which will not be all that expensive. If you prefer, you could use cedar backing in your closet organizer. Another way of minimizing costs is to use it as shelving or use it only on the ceiling of the closet. There are small spaces in the closet that can be covered with cedar to provide extra protection.

Cedar clothes closets are constructed in the same way as any other closets but what is important to ensure is that it is airtight. This will ensure that your closet keeps giving off the aroma for years and that moths are continuously repelled. You can either nail or use construction adhesive to line the closet with cedar walls. If you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of cedar then just give your cedar closet or cedar walls a light sanding in a couple of years to get the scents of the aromatic cedar back.

If you are worried about using aromatic cedar for your closets because of environmental issues then rest easy. The cedar trees are fast growing and the government ensures that lumber companies replant as quickly.


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