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Glass Shower Door Options

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Glass Shower Door Options-Design Build PlannersGlass Shower Door Options     When renovating your bathroom, there are hundreds of options to consider and decisions to make: What materials? Which color palette? Tub or shower? If you do choose to install a shower in your new bathroom, that too will bring a slew of new choices to wade through. One of the most crucial questions is what kind of door you'd like to use for getting into and out of your shower. There are a number of options, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. Continue reading

Bamboo Flooring for Your Remodeling Project

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Bamboo Floors for Your Remodeling Project Bamboo Flooring for Your Remodeling Project (1)-Design Build PlannersHome remodeling is a major task, but it can often be quite fun. All homeowners want an end result that is attractive, durable, and up to the latest trends. If you are a homeowner who is opting for a remodeling project that includes a change of flooring, then you should consider getting a bamboo floor. Continue reading

Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

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Tankless Water Heater White gas boiler.For many years, water heaters with storage tanks have been the industry standard. The heating system would heat the water and store it in a tank, periodically warming it so that the water could stay hot throughout the day and night up to when it would be needed. There are many drawbacks to this model of heating water. First, this mode; consumes a lot of energy for no specific purpose. This is the energy that is required to maintain the temperature of the water throughout the day even if no one is using the water at that time. Everyone in the home could be out for a week, and the water heater would still be on, wasting energy. The storage tank also takes up a lot of space that could be used for more constructive purposes. It is due to all these reasons that the tankless water heater was designed and created. By only providing hot water on demand, these tankless water heaters have completely revolutionized the industry. The following are some of the benefits and advantages that you will enjoy when you switch to this new system: Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray Foam Insulation Spray Foam Insulation (1)-Design Build PlannersWhen it comes to insulating a home, the times have changed from what once was used. In the past, you would need tangible solutions that seemed more like cotton candy than materials for building. If you’re updating, or building any area in your home, a better solution is that of spray foam insulation. This option is lightweight, and fills crevices that used to cause leaks. Whether you’re finishing an attic, or you are upgrading your homes energy usage, this option will work quite well and will be far more cost effective than other solutions. Continue reading

Green Material Options for Your Remodeling Project

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Eco-friendly remodeling - Design Build PlannersAre you contemplating home remodeling options? Remodeling gives your home a feeling of a fresh and healthy beginning altogether. A House & Home survey conducted in 2014, indicates that close to 84% of homeowners plan to do some form of remodel on their homes within the next two years. People do remodeling for a number of reasons; some do it to enhance the home’s value, while others do it to improve on the home’s appearance, plan or layout and feel. If you are preparing to remodel your home, then it is advisable to do green remodeling. You need to do careful choice of materials which are eco-friendly. Continue reading

4 Steps to an Eco Friendly Home; The Green House Plan

This entry was posted in Green Remodeling, Home and Family Lifestyle and tagged , , , , , , on by . across the nation are transforming their old consumption habits and routines into more sustainable households. These new lifestyles promote eco-friendly home décor, home planning, and even decorating. Follow these four steps to begin your new life in an environmentally friendly house. Continue reading

Green Remodeling Options

This entry was posted in Green Remodeling, Remodeling Industry Information and tagged , , , on by . you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, you’re not alone. According to the 2014 Houzz & Home Survey, nearly 84% of homeowners are planning some type of remodeling project within the next two years. Though some take it on to increase the value of their home, an overwhelming majority is just looking to improve the look, layout and feel. When planning your next remodeling project, consider some green options to help cut down your energy bills and negative environmental impact. Continue reading