Under Cabinet LED Lighting

under cabinet lighting for kitcen cabinets and design build remodeling in NJ (4)Over the year’s, kitchens have become more and more technological. The under the cabinet LED lighting is one answer to the demanding need for technology in the kitchen. Fits under cabinets to discreetly provide light, Bluetooth music system, power outlets, USB ports, and mobile charging cradles the system enables backsplash to be clear of outlets and cord clutter. The product is available in four different lengths. This clears countertops of cords going in every which direction. Clearing more room for pots and pans and all the ingredients needed for cooking. Also with the ability to link to your phone through Bluetooth and play music wirelessly from even the other room. When remodeling a kitchen this is one feature I would be sure to consider. Along with all the benefits its offers it also makes a kitchen look nicer. They do not require a big project and can be done yourself. LED lights will show a major increase in energy efficiency, as they only use a fraction of the energy used by fluorescent and incandescent lighting. LED lighting has a longer lifespan as well and does not cause additionally heating and is cool to the touch. Which also will not raise the temperature in the kitchen. Its estimated these lights can last anywhere from 10-15 years or 50,000 hours. When a fluorescent light breaks it exposes mercury which can be harmful and a health risk. Again with an LED light this is not a factor as they contain no mercury. Under cabinet LED lighting is most definitely something one should consider in future kitchen decisions. Not only is it safer and more beneficial they give off a nice ambiance and can make the kitchen look nicer. Last question for you, would you not want more countertop space and the ability to cook while listening to music wirelessly?

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