Cabinet Hardware Knobs, Pulls and Handles

Cabinet Hardware Knobs, Pulls and Handles

furniture handlesJust changing your cabinet hardware can instantly change the look of your kitchen. Whether you are thinking of new cabinet hardware, hardware finishes, or cabinet knobs as part of making a new kitchen, renovating an old one, or just adding a few smaller changes to glam up the place, you can achieve a fantastic makeover with just these few things.

The amazing array of cabinet hardware, from cabinet knobs to pulls, and the diverse range of hardware finishes available today may make it challenging to choose the right one, but you can be sure that you won’t have a boring old kitchen anymore!

kitchen cabinet knobs and handles - Design Build Planners (2)Here are some ideas for cabinet hardware that can revamp your kitchen. Since accessories such as cabinet knobs can be changed often and are not very expensive, you can let your imagination run wild and try different combinations and styles. You can go for hardware finishes that complement the general style of your kitchen. Or you could go for a mix and match approach for even more fun and style!

  • If you have a modern and contemporary style kitchen, the best cabinet knobs and pulls to complement it would be bar-style, tubular, or angular in shape.
  • If you have a traditional kitchen, then you could incorporate knobs and pulls with traditional finishes and colors.
  • If your kitchen is a composite mix of different styles, or eclectic, then you have a wider range of hardware to choose from, such as painted, monogrammed, typeset to vintage styles, etc.
  • For Mediterranean or European styled kitchen, knobs and handles made of ceramic will be the best option, especially if you have vintage accent tiles on the countertop or on the backsplash.
  • If your cabinets are hand-hewn or rustic in finish, then pulls and knobs with a distressed or hammered look will really give a great complementary visual appeal.

kitchen cabinet knobs and handles - Design Build Planners (3)Whether you choose knobs or pulls for your cabinets, you can change the entire look of your kitchen with these simple elements. The hardware finish used adds an extra dimension to these. Brushed nickel finish will blend well with cabinets and counters that are gray in color. It also complements stainless steel appliances in the kitchen very well. Black knobs with a glossy finish will match with black granite countertops. Hardware that has a bronze, oil-rubbed finish are great for traditional kitchens. Brass can be finished to have an antique look or just polished, both of which goes well with country style kitchen cabinets. Copper finishes on hardware can match any kitchen, from traditional to contemporary. You can never go wrong with this versatile metal! If you are looking for knobs and pulls which have intricate designs and a good finish, then pewter would be the metal of choice for you. A classic finish that never goes out of style is, of course, stainless steel, which has been an old favorite for both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

No matter which type of hardware you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and the style of your kitchen for a truly stunning makeover!


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