Cabinet Costs for a NJ Kitchen Remodel

How much to spend on kitchen cabinets?Mortgage and down payment That is major question and concern when planning a NJ Kitchen Remodel. These photos depict three different price levels of cabinetry. Yes, there are quality differences regarding construction and hardware, but sometimes the style, layout, and details drive the cost.

The Design Build Planners have a few, creative ways to provide the “best bang for your buck!” On top of these value-driven methods, Jason Parsons is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. His training and vast experience has lead to fantastic kitchen designs throughout New Jersey. Jason’s kitchen designs are customized for the individual family’s lifestyle and use, but mindful of resale value, and future accommodations.

High quality NJ kitchen cabinetry and remodeling from Design Build Planners     NJ kitchen cabinetry and remodeling from Design Build Planners     Value NJ kitchen cabinetry and remodeling from Design Build Planners

Design Build Planners has been involved with New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects that have ranged from mild to WOW! The kitchen cabinetry budgets have been as low as a few thousand dollars and as much as $100,000 plus. Each time the end result was a new kitchen that served the family’s needs well.

CLICK HERE to view a recent WOW kitchen remodel featuring a wet bar and built-in cabinetry in adjacent rooms.

NJ Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Pros – Local Areas We Serve

The Design Build Planners have been helping homeowners remodel their kitchens in style for many years throughout New Jersey, specifically Monmouth County, Ocean County, and the Jersey Shore.

If you have questions or are looking to find the perfect NJ kitchen remodeling design for you and your home, schedule a phone consultation with us.

Design Build Planners 15 Minute Phone Consultation for NJ Basement Remodeling Projects

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