Buying a Home with Intent to Remodel

House for sale to be remodeled - Design Build PlannersOne inquiry we get frequently at Design Build Planners is homeowners who purchase homes with the intention of embarking on a “major remodel”, whether that is in the form a complete interior renovation, large additions, add-a-level, or some combination of the aforementioned. While Design Build Planners has successfully done the design and development for several of these types of projects, there are various aspects of the major remodel undertaking that homeowners should understand ahead of time.

One of the things to consider is the feasibility of the project you want to attempt. Considering adding an attic loft for water views above the second floor? Perhaps a living room addition off the back of the home or a mudroom off the side. Maybe a second garage? Your dream project may not be allowed by your township. The framing of the existing home as well as town zoning parameters and easements may prohibit or delay the work you want to do.


Design Build Planners calendar guyThe remodeling process never goes as fast as *any* party wants it to go. The process isn’t as simple as sparking an idea and then forging ahead…There are many steps along the way and all of them take time. For example, you have to figure 2-3 weeks to finalize a contractor and select finish materials, 3-6 weeks for permit, and 3-12 weeks for construction. Further, conceptual design and construction documents can add 2-10 weeks.  If your project needs a variance, it can add even more.  That is a window of 2 to 6 months, and possibly more!

Budgetary Considerations:

Often, project investments are more than a client thinks they will or costs seemingly escalate as a project begins. While there are many ways to avoid this preventable situation, the most efficient is to have a complete written scope of work as well as a design plan in place before construction even begins. Having everything presented to your upfront is one of the advantages to working with Design Build Planners.

Living Situation:

Pets and Remodeling Projects-Design Build PlannersThere are certainly benefits to residing in your existing residence while the remodel on your future home is underway. One consideration is you have pets; you do not need to find a place for them or have them disturbed by the inevitable commotion of a remodeling project. Perhaps the biggest advantage is your personal comfort. There is no construction mess to interfere with your lifestyle. Secondly, bathroom and kitchen usage can get tricky in a major remodel. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t cook very much; relying on eating out for the vast majority of your meals can get old quickly and also add some extra cost. While it’s usually the preference for clients to want to wait for the remodel to be finished before moving in, the “downside” to this strategy are that you would likely be carrying two mortgages or having to live in an extended stay/or with family.


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