Butcher Block Top Countertops

Butcher Block Top Countertops

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (2)The dated laminate counter-top in your kitchen reminds you daily that it is time for a kitchen makeover and it should start with the kitchen countertop.

Have you considered the use of a butcher top countertop?

This choice guarantees a perfect transformation of your kitchen within a reasonable budget. Before you make your decision, here are some things to help you know what the product is made up of and its benefits:

What is butcher block made up of?

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (5)It is made from straight cuts of wood that are glued together into thick slabs that provides a particularly sturdy and stable work surface in a kitchen as a countertop, table top or cutting board.

It is an affordable countertop material. It does require regular maintenance and if attended too, will age with grace.

Is butcher block the right choice for a countertop?

Consider the benefits:

  • Butcher block wood mixes well with many other countertop materials
  • It is repairable. Nicks and burns can be lightly sanded and surface re-oiled. Laminate does not offer this
  • Has a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties
  • Adds warmth and natural coloring
  • Soft material that’s easy on glassware and dishes
  • If maintained properly, it’s a longing lasing and durable countertop choice

Construction Styles:

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (1)Edge Grain– this is most commonly used for counters because of its strength and stability. It is also less expensive that the other styles. Edge Grain is made by placing long boards on their sides and then joining them together so that their long narrow edges form the service. Boards can be continuous length of wood with no joints, or random length boards that are finger jointed.

Flat Grain – butcher block is constructed from boards that are laid flat so that their full widths form a surface with a streamlined look. This material is susceptible to marks when used for chopping and cutting. Flat grain is less suitable for working kitchen counters than other materials.

End Grain – is made from small rectangular blocks that are arranged so that the ends (with grown rings showing) are visible on the surface. This material is the strongest and most expensive type of butcher block material and is great for surfaces dedicated to cutting because it camouflages knife marks and is also gentle on blade edges because they slide into the grain rather then against it.

Types of wood used for butcher block:

  • Can be made from nearly any wood
  • Maple is one of the best and most popular for butcher block counters because of its toughness and clear grain
  • Cherry and red oak offers a rich color
  • Can also be crafted from bamboo (as it works well best with end-grain construction) and is sustainable farmed exotics such as wenge and zebrawood

Other helpful facts:

  • Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (3)Butcher block need to be sealed? It’s important to use unsealed, oil-finished wood. Sealed counter-tops should not be used as food preparation surfaces, as they are not food or knife friendly.
  • Prices vary depending on the type of wood, grain construction and the thickness. Custom quality wood countertops range from $75 to $160 per square foot. It is more expensive than mid-range granite but is less expensive than top-of-the-line natural stone.
  • Some manufacturers offer off-shelf butcher-block worktops in standard counter – depths sizes with variable lengths.
  • Maintaining butcher block requires: oiling every six months to keep the wood protected. Different woods come with different finishing oil recommendations and its best to follow instructions provided. Also, depend on level of use, may require more frequent oiling and conditioning to prevent the wood from cracking and looking dull. Highly recommended that cooking oil not used to treat butcher block as it can damage the wood.

Butcher blocks have been around for centuries due to its large stationary work surface

Here is rustic styled wood countertop for a bathroom vanity:

Wood butcher block countertop - Design Build Planners (4)

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