How to Budget for Your Monmouth County Family Room Addition

Monmouth County Family Room Addition Design Build Planners New Jersey

For most people, when it comes time to add a family room or addition, price is a big concern.  After all, an addition of this magnitude is something that most homeowners will only do once or twice in a lifetime.  It’s often something you plan for and save for while your family is growing, so one day you can add more living space to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Monmouth County Home Additions – Introduction

At Design Build Planners, we completely understand that you want the absolute best family room or great room for you and your family.  But we also know that budget is always a factor.  That’s why one of the main focus points of our initial remodeling estimate is assessing your budget and outlining your options for your new family room renovation.

The trouble is, unless you’re a NJ remodeling professional, it can be very difficult to figure out exactly how much a great room addition should cost, because there are so many variables, all affecting the price greatly. How do you figure out how much things are going to cost, so you can plan accordingly? We are going to go over a few things you can do today to hopefully keep your home addition budget in line.

Monmouth County Family Room Addition

How to Budget for a Home Addition in Monmouth County

Know what you want – This is by far the biggest thing, and is closely followed by being able to explain what you want in a clear fashion. Before you begin any work on your next addition or home improvement project, you will meet with a contractor, and this will be the time when you want to explain all of the different things you’re looking for. Make sure they understand exactly what you’re talking about during all the steps along the way – if anything is unclear, you can bet their estimate won’t be totally accurate or in align with your expectations. Also keep in mind, that some contractors’ estimates may go up in the end, that is why they are called estimates.  However, when you work with Design Build Planners and our preferred remodeling contractors, we provide quotes.  The way we look at it, we’ve been doing this long enough and are true professionals at what we do – if we can’t provide you with an exact quote that we can stick to, we probably shouldn’t be in this business, right?

More space means more expensive – This seems obvious to some people, but other people can’t believe how quickly the prices go up when the size of their project. While it may just be walls and floors with no furnishings (in some cases), the walls and floors still cost money per square foot. If you feel you can’t meet your budget due to size, you have a difficult decision to make. Do you go smaller than you want, in order to save money? Or do you spend more and just get what you want in the first place? If you think you will eventually want to add on later, it’s better to just do it all at once and save yourself the time and hassle down the road.

Monmouth County Family Room Addition Design Build Planners

Be realistic – All too often, we see people being completely unrealistic in terms of what they want compared to what they have the budget for. If your budget is low, you’re just going to have to accept the fact that you may not be able to afford all the luxuries you’ve had in mind from the very beginning. Still, a new addition really opens your house up without all those fancy furnishings, so you might find yourself being just as happy without them.

How to Budget for Your Home Improvement Project in NJ

Our best advice is always to consult with a few different contractors to get an idea of what the size of your project and anticipated budget.  Start earlier than you think you have to, because the back and forth can take time, especially when you are making important decisions involving how much money to spend, where to get it from, moving it around, and so on.  Find a reliable local remodeling contractor who specializes in residential additions in NJ and similar home renovation projects.  The Design Build Planners have network of some of the best home remodeling contractors in New Jersey, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project always adheres to the budget we establish at the very beginning.

Monmouth County Family Room Addition Design Build Planners NJ

What Do Family Room Additions Cost?

If you are looking for more general pricing for your next remodel or addition, we have compiled a guide that will help get you started and will help you budget for your project.  You didn’t think The Design Build Planners would tempt you with an article title like this and not actually provide real numbers, did you?  You can read the home remodeling pricing guide here:

Estimated Remodeling Project Investment Costs

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