Bowling Alley for Your NJ Home

If you had the space…and money, would your family enjoy a basement bowling alley?

A regulation lane with equipment requires approx. 88′ in length. A nice seating area will need another 12′ or so. The cost will vary depending on whether the equipment is new or used as well as the selections of decorative features and lighting. A per lane cost might be as low as $25K and can exceed $50K. A mini bowling lane can be half the length or less.

In 1947 President Truman had the first bowling alley installed in the White House.

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Most materials you can get customized to match your desired style and decor. A few things you will need to consider:

  • Automatic scoring machines
  • Ball return hoods
  • Bowling balls
  • Bowling lanes
  • Bowling shoes
  • Bumper and gutter systems
  • Furniture
  • Lane machines
  • Lighting
  • Pins
  • Pinsetters

Most people have always thought adding the bowling alley to their home would burden them with a ghastly cost. However, it is usually more affordable than most people think. Further, it it is something that people of all ages will get a thrill out of!

While home theaters are a common request, bowling alleys are becoming a more and more popular request for home owners. You can find professional firms that will install two regulation lanes (complete with pin setter-upper, ball return and computer scoring) in your home.

However, it is important to plan on the atmosphere, design, and architecture, so make sure you contact a designer or architect!




















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