DBP Reviews Kitchen Design Plans

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Homeowner: Good Morning DBP. Hope all is well.  I was wondering if you can guide me.  We are doing our kitchen over and I’m just confused as to where to place the island.  Two kitchen people say one way one says the other.  If I sent you my floor plan and a picture of the two designs can you give me your honest opinion.  I’m so nervous to make the wrong decision as it’s a lot of money.  
DBP: Yes, send us floor plan and pix. We will be glad to offer suggestions and advice!
Homeowner: Hi DBP Team, I totally appreciate you taking a quick look for me.  Below is my floor plan as well as pictures of my current kitchen.  I am confused whether I should go with the Island facing the family room or facing the kitchen table area.  It's an odd layout.  I really wanted an updated look and most contractors or telling me to go with an rectangular island.  I currently have a U-shape very small.  So, I have three plans. Island facing living room, island facing kitchen table area or L shape.  Can you please give me your honest opinion.


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Doorbell System for Your Home

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Many are familiar with the popular doorbell system; Ring. These are wireless doorbell systems capable of reaching speakers located within the home. With strategically placed speakers, there is no way to have not have heard the doorbell ring.

Furthermore, many doorbell systems are now coming equipped with cameras. This allows you to see exactly who is at your door. They also store footage so you can be on the look out for any potential theft.

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Drone Photography and Video for Real Estate Listings

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On this post, we discussed how drones photography can be helpful in the roofing industry. But drones are also very helpful with real estate! With drone photography and video, realtors and potential buyers are able to see a panoramic view of the outside of the home.

Regular photos taken from the ground level do not always give the best depiction of the area. DBP owner and Berkshire Hathaway agent Jacki Venezio is a strong proponent of the application of drones in listings. You can find a quote from here below.

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Drone Photography and Video for Roof Inspections in NJ

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The following is a quote from trusted DBP remodeler, John Hogan of Blue Nail Exteriors.

I like drones because they are safe, efficient, and fun to use! Homeowners should not allow anyone on their roof without a contract in place and their certificate of insurance. Without a contract, they are responsible for any injuries that may occur to the estimator while on the roof.

For your next project, consider the use of drones for photography and video for roof inspections.

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The Benefits of Geodesic Home Designs

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The following is a quote from the founder of DBP, Neil Parsons:

In the mid 70's as a kid, long before I entered the construction industry, I remember reading about Geodesic Homes. They are considered the "perfect" home design...highly energy efficient, able to better withstand storms and earthquakes, less expensive to build material-wise and allows for an interesting, open floor plan.

Read below to find out more about Geodesic homes and how they may be the right fit for you!

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Modular Homes in New Jersey from DBP and Bravo Builders

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With Design Build Planners and Bravo Builders, you can create a gorgeous modular home!

With modular, you can customize your own living space from floor plan designs. From ranch, to Cape Cod, or a traditional two story home, it is all available with modular components and can be brought to you by DBP and Bravo Builders!

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See It Before you Build It – Middletown NJ Kitchen

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This Monmouth County client wanted to open their kitchen to the dining area and living room. The new layout provides a better dining space, stool seating at the relocated sink, and more counter space and storage. Partially opening the wall provides the access the client wanted while the rooms remain their own individual spaces. The kitchen has become the heart of the home with direct connections to the family room, living room, pool/rear yard, and stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

White cabinets, Light grey walls and a light counter top combined with great lighting make for a bright, inviting space. Natural oak floors and oil rubbed bronze accents add depth and character to the design.

Do you like an open floor plan for your kitchen?


In Progress:

Computer Aided Design:

Finished Kitchen Remodel:

Homes Across America Have Been Recycling Incorrectly, and Here Are Some Tips

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Believe it or not recycling has been around for almost 1000 years!  In Japan, paper was collected and re-pulped into new paper and resold as early as 1031AD.  However, it took another 600 years for the process to make its way to what would become the United States when a mill in Philadelphia started manufacturing paper from recycled cotton and linen rags. Continue reading