Black Swan a Movie Review from Regular Guys in the Remodeling Industry

Black Swan (2010)

I will admit that I discounted this film while it was in theaters, and after, as a “chick flick” even with the critical praise, Oscar Award (Natalie Portman for Best Actress), and the recommendation of friends. So, in search of a free movie, I watched the trailer and realized I may have been very wrong in my pre-judgement.

Black Swan is intense and suspenseful. Portman was excellent and the story line was very good. Portman, the queen swan, is tormented by her inner self as well as the many antagonistic characters, real or perceived. The movie offers twists and look-away, cringing moments in a well done script and acting. It reminded me a bit of the lesser Single White Female (1992).

Who knew there was so much blood, violence, and sex in the world of ballet? I am now a fan of the ballet…as long as Mila Kunis is in it! Come on, you must have expected me to reference her role in movie and the audience draw that she, and the actions of her character, created. ~ Reviewed by Neil Parsons 2012-09-10


The Design Build Planners, brothers Jason Parsons and Neil Parsons, actually do have personal lives…sometimes. One of their hobbies is movie watching. While their tastes are similar, there are personal lifestyle differences and demographics that influence the movies they watch and like. Neil is 15 years older than Jason and has one son in college. Jason has three young sons very close in age.

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