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Health benefits of Tea - Organic Gurlz GardensToday, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on the Benefits of Tea.

Why exactly is tea good for the body? This is a question we at Organic Gurlz Gardens are commonly inquired about.

Well, for starters, tea can help aid sleep, migraines or headaches, the cold and flu, and arguably the worst, muscle soreness or cramps.

Of course, the ‘power of tea’ list can continue, but these are the main issues many experience.

Today, we will be sharing 3 unique teas to help with Acne, Sleep, and Muscle cramps.

Dandelion Tea – Cramps

Dandelion tea is a favorite at Organic Gurlz Gardens for its cramp fighting power.

How to make Dandelion tea:

Before using any part of the dandelion, make extra sure to wash it off well, and don’t be afraid of any bugs that might be on it.

Organic Gurlz Gardens suggests spraying all freshly harvested produce with a 1:1 ratio mixture of vinegar and water, or put some vinegar and cold water in a bowl and swish the greens around in the solution for a couple minutes, then rinse the greens off under cold running water.

Recipe for Dandelion Tea from Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne IndianaGo out into your Garden and snip off a few of the pom-pom yellow flowers.

Now just like you were to brew tea, put the flowers in a cup and let them steep for around 20 minutes. You can strain the flowers out, or eat them.

Add some honey (to taste) and enjoy a natural un-cramping drink.

Why knowing where your produce is grown is important-

Know whether pesticides are used is essential – elements from chemical-raised plants may be released in the steeping process.

After all, you don’t want to consume dandelions after weed-n-feed was sprinkled on them! No matter how hard you wash them, there will still be traces of toxic chemicals on the greens.

Turmeric tea – Acne

What we do to make this tea:

  1. Bring four cups of water to a boil.
  2. Then, we add one teaspoon of ground turmeric and reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Finally, we strain the tea through a fine sieve and into a cup.

Some prefer to add a teaspoon of ginger along with the turmeric. While ground versions are more convenient, it’s worthwhile to experiment with freshly grated turmeric for a more vibrant flavor.

Sit back and let the acne fighting powers take over!

We at Organic Gurlz Gardens believe every family deserves true, sustainable organic plants. With us, the standard is set and unwavering as the quality of our soil, compost, and not to negate our raised garden beds!

There are many reasons to choose O.G.G, but having this assurance backs up what we say – we guarantee our raised bed for 5 years with maintenance and care.

Lemon Balm Tea – Sleep

this is our recipe:

  1. Put 2-4 heaping tbsp. of dried lemon balm leaves into a tea steeper according to the desired strength of tea.
  2. Allow the tea-ball to boil in 4 cups of water for 2-4 minutes.


Remember tea isn’t only good for you, it is good for the home!

For Example-

Have grimy hardwood flooring? Cleaning up the floors naturally in a jiffy is simple. We at O.G.G make a ‘tea-of-a’ solution.

This organic blend will clean and scent your hardwood floors. You can use other fragrant teas in place of the Peppermint such as Lemon or Ginger.

What we use for the floor detergent:

  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • ½ cup Peppermint tea, strained
  • Simply add the vinegar and tea to about 2 gallons of warm water in a bucket. Wash (but don’t soak) floors—no need to rinse!

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