Benefits of Fresh Horseradish

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Horseradish has been proven effective against fungi , infection, and bacteria. It is particularly useful in destroying bacteria that causes bronchitis and urinary tract infections. These same properties may also help the body maintain a healthy bladder by preventing toxin accumulation and helping to flush out inflammatory agents.

Fresh Horesradish from Organic Gurlz Gardens, Fort Wayne, IndianaHorseradish is believed to be native to the Mediterranean and Eastern regions of Europe from where it spread to America during colonial times. The plant is a small perennial herb, but can be grown as an annual field crop for its thick, fleshy roots. Horseradish is mostly grown in many parts of America,Germany, USA, England, Hungary, Japan, and China.

A rusticana plant features broad, crinkled leaves. the ideal growing location is under cool climates with good sunlight conditions. In general, the rootlets (or root sections) are planted in the spring and harvested by autumn. Fresh root has rough, gray-brown outer surface.

Horseradish can grow up to six feet tall; it has large edible leaves and a branched stem.
Bronchitis, sinusitis, rheumatism, anemia, flu, and even facial paralysis can be treated by using horseradish. As for sinusitis and rhinitis it is enough for a cataplasm to be placed on the forehead along with two spoons of grained horseradish so that the nose gets immediately decongested. This treatment is repeated 4 to 5 days in a row and it gets interrupted once burns occur.

Against bronchitis, flu and lung congestion, horseradish flour is applied like a cataplasm on the chest area for a half an hour up to an hour. This treatment is repeated once every two or three days.

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