Benefits of a Storm Door

Benefits of a Storm Door

storm door - Design Build Planners (1)Storm doors are a great thing to have in areas that experience a high number of storms or other natural disaster issues. Storm doors can provide protection for the home and are typically installed in place of a screen door to protect the entry door that leads in to the home. Storm doors are fairly cheap as far as installation goes and can be extremely efficient and serve a few purposes. There are a few main benefits of having a storm door that might have you considering purchasing your own.

Why Use a Storm Door?

  1. In most cases the entry door is or can be quite expensive. Many people spend a great deal of money on their entry door and this is a great way to protect that door from the elements that it would otherwise be exposed to.
  2. Another great benefit is that we find them to be highly energy efficient. Whether or not you have taken the measures to provide extra installation or energy efficient parts on your home, a storm door can aid in it. They put extra protection to keep most of the heat out from the summer or in cases of the winter, can keep the home extra insulated to keep it warm.
  3. Pests are always a huge issue in the warmer months when you just want to keep bugs out, but have the windows open. A storm door allows you to let that gentle breeze in all the while keeping the bugs out. This could also be true of leaves and other debris.
  4. For those who tend to invest in home security this is a final form of protection that can help step up your home security. As it adds an extra barrier between both your home and the outside, that means that burglars have to work harder to get inside and thus are more likely to skip a home invasion on your home.

storm door - Design Build Planners (2)Storm doors really do provide a wide array of reasons to invest in them. Beyond home security and protection of that beautifully maintained front door, a storm door is strong enough to withstand the weight of a larger animal, but allow them to see outside and enjoy the site and breeze.

As with a standard screen door they can be locked, but they’re more durable and are even great for those who have young children. Kids often times like looking out in to the big world, but not everyone can afford a fence or live in area in which it’s safe to let kids play alone outside. With a storm door, kids are able to look outside and enjoy a sense of freedom all without having to worry about them getting hurt or taken by a stranger.


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