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Just as the dining room may appear incomplete when it is not equipped with the dining tables and chairs, a shower area simply looks more aesthetic with a full range of accessories. Some of these accessories that are very critical for proper functionality of the shower room are the shower seat or bench seat for the shower.

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The use of bench seat in the shower has been around for a while for a variety of reasons. One reason is the convenience that the seat creates for the user; especially pertaining to disabled individuals or the elderly.

The second reason is to ensure the safety of the shower, and thus prevent the occurrence of bathroom accidents. When one is using the shower while comfortably seated, the probability of one slipping off is greatly minimized. However, certain requirements are needed for certain individuals. For this reason, there are three main types of bench seat for shower that are applicable in different cases.

The first one is the custom shower seat, which is designed to the needs of the user. This seat is adjustable to various degrees to facilitate the user assuming various positions depending on the needs. It is also mobile to enhance the user’s movement.

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The second type is the folding seat which may be having swing down legs or not. Those with swing down legs have adjustable feet and fasteners and are held upright by crossbar.

Finally, the last type of shower seat is the corner seat. This shower seat is permanently fixed in a corner of the shower room. The corner seat can not only provide usability advantages, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of a shower.

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