Bathroom Showers in Your Remodel

Today’s master bathroom is all about the shower! Some people prefer baths, but the vast majority of clients are demanding the LUXURY shower. Read some input from the DBP team below.


Today’s master bathroom is all about the shower!


Home buyers get super excited viewing a home with an awesome shower in the master bathroom. My favorite feature is having an overhead rain head and a separate, adjustable wall-mounted handheld spray. That way all your needs are covered. The rain head feels wonderful, but women will appreciate the occasional need for a ‘no hair’ shower.

Jason Parsons, Chief Project Designer at Design Build Planners explained, “Homeowners planning a master bathroom remodel often want the ‘car wash’ experience for their shower: rain head, handheld shower head and varying height body sprays placed for their specific heights. Also on their shower wish list is a roominess, bench seat, niches, a curbless, level entry, and good lighting.”

Andrew Parsons, DBP’s Director of Business Development added, “If the overall bathroom space is limited, most homeowners will forgo a tub in the master bathroom in order to get that killer, oversized shower for two.”


See some bathroom shower photos below:









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