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This 1969 colonial home in Randolph, NJ needed a facelift for the new homeowners before they moved in. The project included repositioning the existing bathroom, dressing area, walk-in closet, and hall closet to achieve the space required for the five-fixture master bathroom that they wanted.

Because of rotted wood uncovered during the initial demolition, the homeowners decided to also remodel the adjacent hall bathroom. Combining bathroom projects, the simultaneous work allowed them to get the second bathroom makeover at a discounted investment amount.

Below are the before, computer designs (CAD), and after photos of the projects. The Design Build Planners were pleased to hear the homeowner say, “When I stand in our new bathroom I feel like I have been here before from seeing Jason’s computer designs a few months ago.”

What is your favorite feature of these bathrooms?

The project was built by ProSkill Construction, a DBP Preferred Remodeler.

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