Bathroom Lighting Options

Bathroom Lighting Options

Bathroom lights - Design Build Planners (4)A bathroom can be a place where you spend just a few minutes every day, rushing in and rushing out. Or it could be a place where you relax, let down your guard, and let the stresses of the day wash away from you. It can be the one place in the house where you can go when you don’t want to be disturbed and just want to soak or shower in your thoughts. Of course, bathroom lighting can make a huge world of difference in here. Well thought out lighting can make your bathroom a place where you look forward to being any time of the day or night. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for bathroom lighting options.

There are different types of lighting, for different purposes, that you can utilize in your bathroom for a more aesthetic appeal as well as utilitarian purposes. These are:

  • Decorative lighting: This lighting, as the name suggests, helps to add an element of glamour to your bathroom. It draws in the eyes and adds a visual appeal to the bathroom. The different types of lights that you can use as decorative lighting in the bathroom are chandeliers, pendant lighting, antique scones, candlestick wall sconces with ornate details, lanterns, colored lampshades on the wall, as well as classic lamp sconces.
  • Accent lighting: This is perfect if you have art on the walls of your bathroom. You can highlight the art by having directional lighting that is recessed and focused on your art.
  • Task lighting: This is functional lighting that is used to illuminate important areas of your bathroom, such as the vanity mirror, the shower area, etc. Having adequate lighting in this area which looks delightful as well is important. For the vanity mirror, you can have sconces on either side of the mirror. When you position the lights in this area, make sure it does not cast shadows on your face. Having lights on the side of the mirror, rather than above, gives you better illumination for shaving, oral hygiene, make up, etc.
  • Ambient lighting: This helps to fill up spaces that are higher or recessed deep into the wall, such as a cove. Ambient lighting can also be recessed sconces or lights with dimmers.

Bathroom lights - Design Build Planners (1)It would be a good idea to install dimmers in strategic areas, such as over the tub or shower area. In powder rooms too, dimmers and ambient lighting would be more helpful to bring on an ambiance of warmth and hospitality. Using recessed cans which have dimmers are also very useful in providing appropriate ambient lighting. Installing large and decorative mirrors over the bath tub and in the vanity, will really help to reflect all the wonderful lighting that has already been so thoughtfully placed, making your room not only look bigger, but also more inviting.

Below are more pictures of bathroom lighting options.

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