Bath Tubs from MediTub

MediTub Universal Design (2)The founders of MediTub sought out to find a solution to the thousands of injuries suffered by older adults falling in the bathroom. From this, MediTub was able to create a tub that incorporates universal design.

MediTub is the largest walk in bath tub manufacturer in the world. MediTub supplies  the market with durable and affordable senior care bathing products. Further, these bath tubs are constructed of highest-grade materials, and adhears to the latest in safety innovation.

In addition to bath tubs with universal design, MediTub also offers jetted bath tubs, modern free standing tubs (Atlantis Tubs), and Steam Spas; which are continuous steam generators.

MediTub Atlantis Bath Tub (1)   MediTub Steam Spa (1)   MediTub Universal Design (1)


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