Backyard Fire Pit Options

firepit for patio and outdoor living space - Design Build PlannersBackyard Fire Pit Options

The first thing you would need to do when going for an outdoor fire pit is to select the perfect location where you want to install it. When choosing a location to place your pit, you should mainly consider how safe the location is since even a small spark can sometimes cause problems. As another option, a gas fire pit can help provide warmth while complementing your landscape perfectly.

Choose Your Style

There are several design options to choose from when it comes to setting up a fire pit in your backyard. For instance, you should go for a fire pit that goes well with the rest of the exterior landscape. You can either go for a small fire pit that can be placed easily in your backyard or a big one, which will look quite extravagant in your backyard. You can choose between models that either look rustic or modern. You could also go for outdoor fireplace tables that serve the same function as traditional gas fire pits that are placed outdoors. The market is filled today with several choices in fire pits.

Choose between DIY and Ready Made Pits

Gas fire pit on patio - Design Build PlannersThis is an important step in selecting fire pits for your outdoor living space. If you are choosing between DIY and readymade pits, you have to consider each of their pros and cons. Even though a DIY project can help you save money, it can be quite dangerous and time consuming, particularly if you are a novice to preparing fire pits.

Ready-made designs come in different price ranges and are quite reliable. However, it may be hard to get the design that you are looking for. You would most probably have to select the design that closely matches your outdoor space. It would be better to hire a contractor in order to get a customized design for your fire pit. So, be prepared to spend a little more money, if you want to go for a customized pit.

Choose the Material

You would find either a metal fire pit or a stone fire pit. Some fire pits are made of tiles, while some others are made of other materials. You have to also remember that the heavier the pit, the more durable it is. In this case, the stone fire pit would be the best option since it will last for ages.


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