Awning Windows for Remodeling Projects

Awning window in a tub areaAwning Windows for Remodeling Projects

Awning windows used to be popular a few decades ago, but we see them fewer and fewer of them these days. Despite that, they always seem to look modern and fresh – and they’ll probably never really go out of style. Of course, they’re not suitable for every remodeling project, but it’s worth checking whether you can fit one in before you start.

Awning Windows Preserve the View and the Aspect of the Building

Because there are no hinges through the middle of the window, awning windows are ideally placed wherever there’s a beautiful view that you do not want to spoil. But this works both ways – the building also looks better from the outside. The traditional placement of an awning window is just above a work station – for instance, above the sink, where it’s easy to reach whenever needed.

Get More Light; More Privacy

One of the main advantages of awning windows is that they can be fitted in places that weren’t suitable for regular windows. They can be in any size, and they can open towards another building or wall – where no contractor would put a normal window. It will make an ugly view, that’s true – but at least you’ll get some light into the room, which is better than nothing.

Because of that, awning windows are excellent choices for small rooms, such as closets, hallways, and bathrooms, where there isn’t sufficient space for anything else.

Awning Windows Insure Excellent Ventilation and Insulation

Because of their opening system, awning windows allow more fresh air into any room. In fact, they were the most popular choice for windows until the air conditioning systems became so common place – but, even today, they can represent a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning. Further, awning windows provide excellent protection against rain and snow.


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  1. Maggie

    I really like that you can get more light from an awning. My little kitchen doesn’t have any big windows, so it’s a bit limited on light. I’ll be sure to talk to my husband about this, and see if it would be a good idea for us to switch to an awning. It would definitely help brighten up my days!


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