Awning Window – Practical and Stylish

Twice this month, I had suggested an awning window for a room to be remodeled and each time the homeowner response was, “What is an awning window?” Awning windows are a member of the casement family, but while standard casement windows are side hung, an awning is hinged on top to open outward from the bottom.

Due to their ingenious top-hung sash, awning windows can be open while it’s raining without letting water into your home. Rain or shine, awning windows are also an easy way to boost ventilation. With proper placement they’ll greatly boost your home’s air circulation and most certainly its charming appearance.

A common application for an awning window is in a tub or a shower area. Since an awning window is typically wider than tall, it can be held higher on a wall. In the tub/shower area this will create privacy while still offering natural light and ventilation. Plus, a bathroom is a high moisture area therefore the option of opening an awning window during rain exists where a casement, slider, or double hung may not.

Here are a few photos from that display different sized awning windows in various applications.

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