Art Deco Interior Style Design

Art Deco Style Interior Design

Perhaps one of the most iconic design philosophies, Art Deco Style Interior Design is embodied in the Chrysler Building in New York City. Built at the onset of the Art Deco movement, the building is recognized widely as a symbol of Art Deco worldwide.

Art Deco Interior Design ~ Design Build PlannersFirst appearing in France shortly after World War I, art deco defined a philosophy of design that quickly became recognized as the epitome of elegance. Incorporating decorative items into not only the decoration of a room but also the furniture, art deco style interior design does not shy away from extravagance and inspiration derived from nature. The motifs of art deco design will often incorporate not only organic forms such as sun rays, flowers, branches and mountains, but will also frequently use images and depictions of animals. It is not uncommon then, to find an animal skin rug in a room dominated by a geometric sun or a lamp inspired by an oak tree.

Art Deco has also been heavily inspired throughout its history by a multitude of cultures and likenesses of iconic Egyptian structures such as the pyramids, or the sphinx, and Asian iconography such as the Great Wall of China will regularly appear in art deco design. This imagery drawn from across the globe lends a certain glamorous aspect to the art deco style room as it evokes travels, visiting exotic lands, and meeting new and interesting people while sampling rare and expensive foods. Truly, art deco is a design theory that can be classified as multinational in inspiration, and global in application.

The elegant trappings that adorn art deco style rooms speak to an almost eccentric nature and personality of the owner of the room. When at first glance art deco seems to take imagery and inspiration from so many places that they cannot possibly be connected, when viewed in its entirety it becomes apparent that all of the pieces in a room speak to an experience had by the owner of the space. Perhaps in years gone by they went on safari in Africa and brought home some relic to remind them of their time there. Or maybe a trip to Germany to visit castles brought home souvenirs that create remembrance of a trip that one does not want to forget. When viewed as a set these items combine to create a decorative, and truly glamorous window that allows visitors to see not only into the life of a person, but truly into who they are and where they have been.

Art Deco is not for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to employ this design philosophy in their home, they can create a lasting impression on those who visit. Few design philosophies can be as memorable as art deco, and truly it constitutes one of the most iconic styles you will find.

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