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Architecture: Gothic Revival Style Home

Gothic revivial style home ~ Design Build PlannersGothic Revival Style Homes became famous in America in the early 1800’s and stayed popular up to the late 1800’s. These houses are easy to spot. They have features that are unique to only that type of home. This style of home can be found in several countries throughout the world. This style of home was designed similar to the castles you would find in the medieval times. These homes are usually found in the rural regions of the countries. Many people are preserving these homes, but they are having to use different materials. They are using modern materials to build new Gothic Revival Style homes and maintain the older ones since the materials are no longer as accessible as they were at that point in time. Most homes that were this style were built in the Northeast when they were introduced to America. This style of home has other names such as Jigsaw Gothic, Victorian Gothic, and Neo-Gothic.

The name of the style depends on the design of the home. These homes were more than one story. Most of them were two story homes while there is some that have more than two stories. The roof of these homes is different than any other home style. They have a pitched roof but is steeper than other styles. Most windows in modern homes have an arch at the top. In Gothic Revival Style Homes, the window has a point. This is a feature unique to this style of home. This same arched design is used for other places in the home such as the porch. You will find this design on many churches throughout the world. It is very common for churches to be designed like this. Another unique feature that is exclusive to this style of home is the wood trim. The wood trim is used for decorative purposes. Some of the older Gothic Revival Style Homes had slim chimneys. These stacks are taller than on any other style of home.

Many of them have one fireplace on each side of the home. This will allow the heat to be distributed throughout the home instead of just to the center of the home. There’s usually one hall that is connected to all the rooms. These halls go through the center of the home. Modern homes have low ceilings. The high pitched roof allows the ceilings to be much greater than modern homes. The rafters in the ceiling would be exposed. They normally have porches. The porch isn’t of a particular design. Some of them had porches over the entry while other had porches that spanned across the width of the home. The floor plans also didn’t have a particular design. Most of these homes that are being preserved are being used for public buildings and churches. Very few Gothic Revival Homes are being used a residence. The northern part of the United States is the most popular place to find a Gothic Revival Style building.


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