Slate Finish is an Alternative to Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Alternative

kitchen appliances - Design Build Planners (4)If you are looking to redo your kitchen appliances and are all about having the next big thing rather than the tired out stainless steel appliances, luckily for you, there is now an alternative. Slate appliance finish is on the up and up for all your kitchen and bathroom needs, from countertops to stoves and refrigerators. They are made for today’s style, perfectly complementing modern colors and kitchen materials. The rich matte finish is a natural fingerprint disguiser and don’t worry, it’s magnetic too. Right now slate finish is only available from GE.

Here are a few photo examples of GE appliances with the Slate finish:

GE Slate appliances ~ Design Build Planners (1)   GE Slate appliances ~ Design Build Planners (2)   The Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray likes it, do you?

Slate is easy to maintain and does not attract dirt and stains as much as stainless does. You can spend more time with your family and friends rather than worrying about the upkeep of your counters and appliances. It is easy to clean when it does get dirty, and you can also use it as a display for photos, kid’s artwork, or important appointments since it is magnetic.

SONY DSCEven if you are not planning on replacing all of your appliances right now, slate appliance finish easily blends with stainless steel, black, or white appliances. So you can purchase just one as a statement piece, or redo your entire kitchen with slate appliance finished appliances. The choice is really yours, and you cannot go wrong.

Stainless steel is on its way out. Remember in the 70s how everyone had those avocado colored appliances? If you moved into a place that had those today, you would do everything you could to replace them. Save yourself the trouble, and up the worth of your house by installing slate appliances instead. You get sick of seeing the same appliances in every house that you visit. Everyone is ready for an appliance finish that looks classy, unlike white or black options, but also that doesn’t attract fingerprints and is magnetic, unlike stainless steel.

kitchen appliances - Design Build Planners (2)Despite all of this, the main reason for replacing stainless steel appliances is that they are a nuisance to clean. There are a variety of products that you cannot use to clean them, and they attract so much grime and fingerprints that it sometimes seems pointless to even try.

kitchen appliances - Design Build Planners (3)The premium alternative to stainless steel appliances is finally here. If you are looking for something that is fresh and timeless, slate is the way to go. Again, it is easy to clean and blends in with whatever you currently have in your kitchen. It looks classic, but will also give your kitchen a taste of the modern. All around it is a great way to go.


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