Air Jetted Tub

Air Jetted Tub

Air Jetted Tubs (1)-Design Build PlannersThe latest new trend in bathtubs is the air jetted tub. This is a new development that has taken the market by storm and effectively cornered it. There are many reasons that can be given to explain why the new air jetted tub is better than all the whirlpool tubs that we have been used to for such a long time. These heated tubs basically blow hot air through tiny air jets (or openings) at the bottom of the tub.

As the bubbles try to reach the surface so as to escape into the atmosphere, they end up caressing and massaging the individual lying in the bathtub. This makes for a very sweet and slow massage that can be immensely relaxing. The following are the reasons why the air jetted tubs have become very popular with the masses:

1)      People love new technological inventions

Air Jetted Tubs (2)-Design Build PlannersThe air jetted tub is a modern bathtub, unlike the whirlpool tub that has been with us for decades. The love of trying new things out and wanting to be seen as being progressive and moving with the times makes it possible for the air jetted tub to have a better chance of being installed in a new home than the whirlpool tub.

It is also important to note that the millions of air bubbles that will be swirling around in the water from the air jets will give the occupant of the tub a full body massage that is softer and better than anything you will get in a whirlpool bathtub.

2)      Air jetted tubs and hydrotherapy

Air Jetted Tubs (4)-Design Build PlannersWith the introduction of air jet tubs that let millions of air bubbles give you a light, full body massage, hydrotherapy has never been easier or more enjoyable. Conditions such as arthritis and rheumatic fever can now be dealt with in the safety and comfort of your own bathroom. This will not only save a lot of time but also end up reducing medical expenses that can decimate entire retirement nest eggs.

The air bubbles are very efficient in activating the lymphatic system of the body. They will also increase the flow of blood throughout the veins and arteries in the body, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen while getting rid of harmful toxins that have not yet been excreted from the blood. The air jetted tub is perfect for people who are sick and those who have sore muscles.

3)      Air bath tubs are reputed to be cleaner than ordinary bathtubs

Air Jetted Tubs (3)-Design Build PlannersThe jetted tubs that deal with air are perceived to be cleaner than whirlpool bath tubs which must have a pump and pipes connecting the tub to a source of water in order to function properly. The health hazard in this arrangement is that the pipes might be the shelter for many hardy microorganisms which if exposed to vulnerable human beings may lead to the rise of new infections and spread of new diseases among the populace.

By providing relaxation and therapeutic advantages to users, the air jetted tub is poised to be the dominant product in its niche market.

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  1. Howard Reed

    I really like the square tub that is big enough to soak your whole body. Hopefully we can get one like it in out bathroom when we renovate. I’ll have to see what are available and see if our bathroom is large enough.


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