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Our NJ remodeling and home addition design services are popular for homeowners who choose to remain in their homes and make the improvements they’ve always wanted to make.  At Design Build Planners, we help you visualize your home addition and bring your concepts to reality with our full managed residential Design Build services.  We understand that when it comes time to renovate or add on to your home, there’s a lot of information out there and it’s difficult to make sense of it all, since it’s not something you need to do on a regular basis.

You may be confused as to whether you need to hire a company for your NJ house plans, go to a remodeling company first, or contact a New Jersey designer for remodeling projects like ourselves.  Of course the third option would be our recommendation, and we’ll explain why.

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NJ Remodeling Design for Renovations and Home Additions

We are not an architecture firm and we are not a remodeling company.  We are NJ project designers who work with homeowners from the very beginning to plan and design their projects, help hire the perfect New Jersey remodeling contractor for the job, and manage the project from start to finish.  While some homeowners choose to hire an architect first, there are some distinct advantages to taking advantage of our unique home design process, which we outline on our NJ Architect vs Design Build Planners page.

The short of it is that the Design Build Planners work with you to establish your budget, go over available financing options, gain a complete understanding of your objectives for your NJ home addition or remodeling project based on your preferences and lifestyle, and design up to three different looks in full color 3D before you even look for an architect or remodeling contractor in New Jersey.  By doing a lot of the leg work up front with Design Build Pro experts, you’re able to save a lot of time and money throughout the course of your project, because your project has already been designed in strict accordance with your budget.

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New Jersey Home Addition Design Experts

The Design Build Planners have decades of experience in the residential remodeling industry in New Jersey.  We developed our unique process to provide the most value to homeowners that we possibly can.  After designing, building, and managing hundreds of NJ remodeling and addition projects, we started offering our unique process to homeowners because we realize that designing and remodeling your home is not something you do every day.  It’s a process you may go through once or twice in your lifetime.  But it’s a process that we go through every single day.  When you hire NJ Designers like Design Build Planners, you are hiring experts without a bias with regard to which NJ architect or home improvement company you should hire.  We are an advocate for the homeowner and we’re here to help make the NJ remodeling process as enjoyable as possible for you, while saving you time and money.

Do Design Build Planners Provide NJ House Plans?

We are a remodeling project design firm.  While part of our process includes providing homeowners with 2D and 3D full color designs, using Computer Aided Design (CAD), we are not licensed architects or engineers.  After we revise our designs to your liking and you are ready to start building your project, we will work with you to procure a reliable local NJ architectural firm to produce your set of New Jersey house plans.  However, this is where your time and money savings really start to kick into gear.

How is that?  Because we are going to the architect of your choice with a full set of CAD drawings, which makes their job much easier.  They are able to produce a set of NJ home plans exactly as we specified during our initial design phase.  And because we always design your project with your budget in mind, the architectural plans will be for a project that you can definitely afford, which is not always the case when you go straight to an architect.

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Does Design Build Planners Provide NJ Home Remodeling Services?

While we remodelers by trade, we are not the ones who actually do the remodeling or building of your NJ home additions or other renovation projects.  We work with a group of preferred remodeling contractors who we can recommend, based on availability and location, but you are under no obligation to use any of the NJ remodeling companies that we recommend.

If you do choose one of our preferred remodelers, we guarantee that you will save at least as much as the fee that you pay to Design Build Planners, making your net investment in the Design Build Planners services $0.

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NJ Home Addition Project Costs

There are several types of New Jersey home additions that the Design Build Planners love to design for our loyal clientele.  We love what we do because each project is truly unique.  We get to meet fascinating people who have great ideas for transforming their homes.  One of the first things we do when we talk with or meet with a homeowner is go over their budget with a realistic view on what they are comfortable spending and the financing options available to them for the NJ remodeling project or addition.

On our website, we have a whole page dedicated to home remodeling project costs in New Jersey, which is helpful as a rough guideline to help you make decisions.  Of course every project is unique and it’s impossible to provide exact estimates, but these numbers should get you started.  View our Estimated Remodeling Project Investment Costs page.

That page details the project costs and scope of work, but if you would like a quick overview, here are the estimated costs for NJ home addition projects in New Jersey for 2014.

Basic Family Room Addition  $89,224

Basic Two-Story Addition   $166,561

Basic Master Suite Addition   $108,536

Upscale Master Suite Addition   $230,013

Basic Add-A-Level   $198,971

Upscale Add-A-Level   $299,712

In addition to these renovation projects, Design Build Planners also specializes in designing the following types of NJ home additions:

  • Master Suites
  • Great Rooms
  • Home Offices
  • In-Law Suites
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • And More…

We hope these numbers do not scare you away, but rather provide you with a realistic framework from which to make smart decisions about your next NJ home remodeling project.

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Contact the Top NJ Design Firm

Whether you are looking to start your project or you already have a set of NJ house plans that you would like brought to life with your realistic price point in mind, we welcome you to contact the Design Build Planners for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation in which we will learn about your project objectives and provide several options for you.

If we think you are a good fit for the Design Build Planners home addition design services, we will schedule a meeting.  Likewise, if for whatever reason there is not a fit, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction so you can start designing and transforming your home.

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NJ Home Addition Testimonial from a Design Build Planners Client

“Design Build Planners are certainly that- pros! Our project, turning a 1,300 square foot ranch house near the beach, into an expanded ranch, was not turning out the way we planned. Thank goodness I found Design Build Planners on Houzz. Neil and Jason Parsons of Design Build Planners stepped in. They listened to what we wanted, as to the look and feel of the house and came up with a few plans for the exterior with the 2nd floor addition. They presented us with actual visuals so we were able to see how the house would look once completed. We were impressed with their responsiveness to our needs and their quick delivery to help us out in our bind.”

We are fortunate to work with so many wonderful homeowners throughout New Jersey and invite you to be our next valued client.

NJ House Plans and Remodeling Designs in Somerset County New Jersey

NJ House Plans, Remodeling, and Additions – Local Areas We Serve

The Design Build Planners are based in Red Bank NJ and service the entire state of New Jersey, including our home counties of Monmouth and Ocean, as well as Mercer, Morris, Essex, Union, and Somerset.

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