Addition and Reconfiguration in Somerset County, NJ

addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-1The Somerset, New Jersey homeowners had an issue common to many homeowners. Their master bedroom was equipped with a small closet that could not fit all of their clothing and the like. The current closet and master bathroom are divided by a wall. One potential option is to knock down the wall, and gain the additional closet space from the bathroom while creating a new “dream” master bathroom addition. They hired Design Build Planners to create designs for the project. A dollhouse overview can be seen on the right.

The Design Build Planners process involves creating three floor plans with full-color computer designs. There is modest, robust, and WOW package presented to the homeowners in order to illustrate different investment levels, design options, and various material selections.

The homeowners style preferences were for a contemporary look and finishes. They drew their inspiration from remodeling projects featured on The design options are a result of homeowners online research combined with an in-home consultation with Design Build Planners. There is also a proprietary profile checklist that homeowners fill out that depicts their lifestyle and room usage. After compiling this information, Design Build Planners incorporates their construction knowledge and design creativity for the space with a focus on the budget and overall investment. The final computer designs are then created by Jason Parsons, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler.


Below are a few before pictures.

existing-1   existing-2    existing-3

The following are the proposed CAD (computer aided design) renderings.

addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-8   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-9   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-1

addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-2   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-3   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-4

addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-5   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-6   addition-and-reconfiguration-in-somerset-county-cad-7


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