A Bidet in US Bathroom Remodeling

A Bidet in US Bathroom Remodeling

Toilet and bidet in a modern bathroom - raised lidThe idea of installing a bidet in a US bathroom remodel can seem silly and intimidating. Any American to have visited the European continent has been fascinated, horrified, and intrigued all at the same time by these mysterious and seemingly over complicated toilets. Bidets are extremely popular all over the world, especially in Japan where more than 70% of homes reported having one. The truth of the matter is, bidets are awesome and Americans would do well to install bidets in their bathrooms more often. There is a reason why these little fixtures are found all over the world. Following are some reasons why the USA should jump on the bandwagon.

First of all, it helps you be (or at least feel) clean all the time, especially on a sweltering summer day or a time when you don’t have to take a shower. A bidet, for those who do not know, is a plumbing fixture that is meant to help wash your bottom. It sounds kind of unnecessary, but if you think about it sometimes thoroughly washing yourself in the shower is not always that easy. Having a European bathroom can help you directly access those more difficult to reach areas. Most people who experiment with a bidet for the first time find that they feel much cleaner than when they just use toilet paper.

Bidets don’t cost a lot of money. Having a European bathroom seems like something that would cost you a pretty penny, just because it seems so fancy. It does help your bathroom reach another level, making you seem sophisticated and like you are not afraid to try new things or embrace traditions popular in foreign cultures.

It’s good for the environment! You actually use less disposable toilet paper if you have access to a bidet. Yes, you use a little bit of extra water, but really not all that much.

Aside from the actual bidet option, most European bathrooms or toilets have other functions as well. For example, you can choose to heat the seat, which is very pleasant. One of the main problems with American toilets is that they are always way too cold, which can be a shock first thing in the morning when you are still trying to wake yourself up.

Bidets are not yet widely used in the states for a variety of reasons. During World War II, soldiers probably saw them mostly in brothels so associated them with being immoral. Additionally, early bidets were basically just a bowl of water that you used to splash yourself with, and the US having the Puritan-based value system that we have, could not image washing oneself in this way. It also has something to do with history, as early pilgrims brought with them a dislike for all things French. This sentiment stayed with the US, but disappeared in the UK. In short, all of these reasons are antiquated and we should collectively get over them and embrace the bidet.


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