A $3,000 Bathroom Remodel

DISCLAIMER: This article, nor I, have the answer to what A $3,000 Bathroom Remodel is or exactly would include. Read my rant below to understand the basis for this article’s title.

Award winning NJ bathroom remodel - Design Build PlannersA homeowner can choose to have almost any budget, high or low for a project. The question is then, “What do you get for that particular budget?” The factors are many, such as DIY (do it yourself) or hire a professional. Check out our informative article about Who Will Build Your Remodeling Project. The extent of the work scope is also a major factor. For instance, in a bathroom remodel the project may call for a complete demolition and gut of the walls and floor. Doing this allows for checking the in-wall plumbing connections and electrical wiring then updating as needed. Plus, any rotted wood or mold can be addressed. New insulation and fresh, moisture resistant drywall and cement board can be installed. Some may opt to forgo these steps and tasks and simply do a bathroom makeover where the fixtures and tile are replaced and the wall components listed prior remain.

Check out this article about Hall Bathroom Price for NJ Remodeling.

Zillow ad - 3K bathroom remodelRANT WARNING: In an email I received, Zillow claims that a homeowner can get a 171% return on their investment in the form of increased home value with a $3,000 bathroom remodel. As both a homeowner and an industry professional I was quite curious to learn what someone would get with the suggested $3K remodel. ALL of the things shown in the photo? If only some, which components? So, I looked for a link to an article explaining this, only to discover that the information is from Zillow’s book which is for sale. I may buy the book ($12.56 soft cover at Barnes & Noble) just to get this specific information. In fact, if they told me how I could get a bathroom remodeled like the photo for only $3K, I would pay another $3K for the book itself!

Here are the components and possible tasks we observed (with some size assumptions plus not visible walls and items) in the bathroom photo on the Zillow ad.

  • Painted vanity with a marble (or super white quartzite) top, an undermounted sink and faucet
  • Recessed, mirrored medicine cabinet
  • Vanity wall light
  • Approximately 30 square feet of matted ceiling tile
  • Approximately 300 square feet of wall tile
  • Low threshold, recessed shower pan  with matted floor tile
  • frameless shower glass wall
  • corner shelves
  • shower head and valve
  • exhaust fan
  • towel bar (and paper holder)
  • assuming toilet in the alcove
  • louvered doors for cubby storage area
  • drywall painting
  • and of course the possibly of the full room demolition of the prior/existing bathroom involving in-wall plumbing and electrical update, new insulation and new moisture resistant drywall and cement board (for the wet walls of the shower)
  • debris removal
  • plus all necessary permits required for the local municipality

Dear Zillow, you’re welcome for the plug. I’m certain this post will sell a few books for you.

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