8 Tricks to Keeping Your Home Clean

Most people have a decent idea of the basics of keeping a clean home (even if all don’t always want to work to!). While there are several great cleaning products to help with a myriad of keeping your home clean, there are items in your home you might not always think about cleaning. Below you will find tips of 10 of these items.

  1.    Bath Mats: They can easily develop mildew when left damp and are a natural resting place for dirt and germs. The best way to clean bath mats is run them through the washing machine with warm water.
  2. Dishwasher: Dirt, food, and germs will build up over time leaving an odor and keeping the machine from working properly. The best solution is to remove the filter, soak, and clean. Then run a heavy cycle with vinegar and the leave baking soda in over night before running the machine again.
  3. Ceiling Fans: Dust and dirt accumulate on the blades which serves to circulate them around the room. One solution is to fill a garbage bag with white vinegar, then put bag around each blade. Then wipe.
  4. Kitchen Range Hood Filter: The hood circulates air during cooking while the filter collects grease and particles. The solution is to remove the filter from the hood, and “swish” in a sink of hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Light Fixtures: Collects dusts, which can dim light bulbs as much as 30%. Make sure to power the light off, and clean carefully with a damp cloth.
  6. Shower Head: Build up will diminish water pressure. It is best to remove the shower head and soak in white vinegar.
  7. Toilet: Clearly, the toilet can be an area where bacteria congregate. Use a toilet bowl cleaner and brush on the inside. An anti bacterial disinfectant on the outside will do the trick.
  8. Kitchen Cabinets: They can collect dirt, germs, and grease from cooking. It is best to wipe down with a manufacturer recommended cleaning product.










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