5 Tips for Deck or Patio Designs, Plans, and Remodeling

A backyard deck or patio is the foundation of an outdoor living space, family fun, and entertaining friends. When planning the project and space there are some obvious things to consider. How big to build it? What material will we use? How much will it cost? There are a few more things to consider that may be a part of a deck or patio project, but are often overlooked up front. Having options and decision pop up during or after construction causes delays, headaches, and extra cost; all of which neither a remodeler nor homeowner wants.

Here are five things from the Design Build Planners to consider when planning a deck or patio project:

1)    LIGHTING – For both task and ambiance outdoor lighting in and around a deck or patio is great idea. Running the rough electric wiring prior to framing and building is often easier and burying in a conduit (tube or pipe) can be considered.

2)    OUTLETS – Entertaining and general use may warrant the need for electrical receptacles for radio, television, refrigerator, chargers, or tools. For convenience, some families make use of phone and internet jacks if not available wirelessly.

3)    FURNITURE – Undoubtedly the deck or patio will have furniture such as chairs, tables, lounges, and benches. However, without pre-planning, after furniture placement you may end up with wasted or awkward spaces. Drawing to scale on graph paper, or even better, creating the planned space in CAD (computer-aided design) software can provide a great visual for furniture placement and walking patterns.

4)    GRILL – Most likely this space will have an outdoor grill on it. Some use charcoal and some use propane from a refillable tank, but if you have natural gas in your home you may want to consider having a gas line run for the grill location for convenience.

5)    SHADE – Most people enjoy the sun, but sometimes it can become uncomfortable and even unhealthy with too much exposure. How does the deck or patio placement get affected by the sun at different times of the day and different seasons? Do the existing trees help or hurt the amount of sun or shade that you want? Will you need or want man-made shading such as a retractable awning, pergola, or a portico overhang?

The deck pictured above was built by Under Construction Builders of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They are a DBPlanners Preferred Remodeler that provides design build remodeling projects, such as kitchens, bathroom, and additions, throughout South Jersey.

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